How To Get Valorant Drop

How To Get Valorant Drop: Twitch Drops

Valorant is a 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. The game is still in closed Beta that was launched on April 7, 2020. The game-play is pretty much similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are two teams, attack and defend, the attacking team has a bomb, called “Spike” and they need to plant it on the Bomb-Site. If the attacking team manages to protect the bomb and it detonates, they get one point. If the defending team manages to defuse the bomb, they get one point. There are a total of 24 rounds, after 12 rounds, team switches. The players also have different abilities. We are going to discuss how you can get a Valorant Drop to play Closed Beta of the game.

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How To Get Valorant Drop?

The closed Beta of Valorant is live, and the only way to play it is to get the key. You can get the keys through Twitch Drops. Closed Beta is only available in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and CIS countries. If your country is not on the list you’ll need a VPN to change your region/IP.

  • Make a Riot Account, and sign-in on their website.
  • Sign in to your Twitch account, if you don’t have one make a new one.
  • Link your Riot account and Twitch account.
  • Choose a streamer that is playing Valorant and has a drop enabled tag, this is the most crucial part, the streamer must have the drop-enabled tag.
  • Now you simply need to watch the Valorant Streams for more than 3 hours to become eligible for the Closed Beta.
  • You’ll receive the Closed Beta key in your Twitch inbox when you are eligible.
How To Get Valorant Drop?

Players having higher watch-hours are more likely going to get the Valorant drop.

Is Valorant Free?

The closed-beta is free to play. However, we are not sure about Official release if it’s going to be free or not.

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