How to get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna - Ice Pikmin

How to get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna – Ice Pikmin

Are you stuck on the Subzero Sauna and having a hard time? Well, you just have to get yourself one of those Ice Pikmin and you will be good to go. Don’t worry, we have here a guide on How to Get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna to help you out.

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How to get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna – Ice Pikmin

There are three levels of Subzero Sauna. To even complete the first Level, you will require the Ice Pikmin. Let’s help you get that!

White Pikmin in Subzero Sauna Sub Level 1

When you get started with the Subzero Sauna, there are two ways you can go. On the right side, you will find the Hydro Jelly. Get rid of that jelly and you will get some Gold Nugget.

On the Left Side, you will find a trap that releases poison. Leave that for you and go right, till you reach a large room. Get rid of the ice/frost enemies, as well as Hydro Jelly.

You will get the Disguised Delicacy from the center of that area. Get in the tunnel and take the Freeze Traps using the Ice Pikmin. There is another Hydro Jelly of much larger size here, take it down as well.

Behind it, you will find an entrance, but don’t go down now. Go to the left side leading to a large room and get rid of the enemies there. Get the raw materials there.

Candy Pop Bud is behind the large Hydro Jelly in the room, converting simple Pikmin to White Pikmin. Remember when we said to leave the Poison Trap on your left? Well, you have to go to that area now and get the Nuggets. Sub-Level 1 is clear and you have the White Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

White Pikmin in Subzero Sauna Sub Level 1

White Pikmin in Subzero Sauna Sub Level 2

Now, gather your Pikmin, ride your Dog, and go to Sub Level 2. This area is colder than before, indicated on your screen with Ice over the edges. This will negatively affect your whole Pikmin army as well.

To get rid of this Ice/Freeze Screen, you will have to first get rid of all the Ice Lumps scattered in the area.

In this way, you can get the items back from the Thawed Water. In the opening area, you will find the first Ice Cube, and also make sure you watch out for the falling shards of Ice. If your Pikmin is under the shard, they are instantly dead.

Find the Metal Tunnel and pass through it toward the room. Push the Box and there is a shortcut behind it. Due to the cold, the Pikmin will shart shivering. Till the Ice Blocks are taken care of, you need to call them towards you.

In the corner of the room, after pushing the Box, you will find the Candy Pop Bud. Make some White Pikmin again with that. There is a blocked path due to Frozen Water. Now you have White Pikmin in Level 2 as well.

White Pikmin in Subzero Sauna Sub Level 2

Subzero Sauna Sub Level 3

In the final area of the Subzero Sauna in Pikmin 4, you will find the Final Boss who is a massive armored beast. Clear all the ice blocks in the area to make the temperature increase, also getting rid of all the Hydro Jelly in the area. This will allow you to get some nectar.

The Final Boss – Beastie is a slow creature. To defeat him, you will have to circle him and wait for the time to blow cold air. At that time get to the back and the weak point will be exposed.

Get the Pikmin Squad back before the Beastie in Subzero Sauna closes the wings. The debris will now fall and you will have to get to the back to protect yourself. This process will start repeating and you will have to time things to Complete Subzero Sauna in Pikmin 4.

Subzero Sauna Sub Level 3

Get the Carcass and save Castaway known as Prise. There is also a Contemplation Station beside Hydro Jelly hidden in the area of Exit. Got that as well. Now you know How to get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna – Ice Pikmin.

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