How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

Starfield has plenty of Ships, either made for combat, traveling, or simple cargo transport. But, in any department, when you go higher in the tier of ships, you require more Piloting Level. If you are one of those fellows who don’t have enough Piloting Level, we have here a guide on How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield.

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Introduction to Starfield

Starfield is sometimes referred to as one of the most anticipated games of 2023, or some even refer to it as Game of the Decade. In either case, the titles given to this game speak for themselves.

Starfield was developed by the masters themselves, going by the name of “Bethesda Games Studios”, and published by “Bethesda Softworks”, who are known to create some other masterpieces like Fallout, Skyrim, and Can’t Forget Doom.

Taking place in a Space Theme this time, you have a futuristic world. This means you can travel from one planet to another in a completely different environment and time.

On top, you have your very own futuristic equipment like Space Ships, and vehicles used to travel on grounds/air. You start the game as a miner, who works in the Settled Systems, as Exploration is something that was done in the past.

But, you are different, as you love to explore things and discover something completely new on your own. Each path you take in the game will basically pave a different route for you. So make up your mind before you jump into anything.

How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

How to Get Ships on Discount in Starfield

Ships in Starfield are you treated and most beloved things. These are like sportscars that you can travel around in, and also engage in some futuristic combat.

But, as you go up the tier, they get more and more expensive. Now, there is a way to get a Discount on Ships in Starfield as well. Just get to your Skills Tab and increase your Commerce Skill.

The next time you go out for Ship Shopping, you will get a heavy discount on your ships. Happy Gaming!

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How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

We already mentioned that as you get up the tier in Ships, you need more Piloting Level. This is a real pain because you can’t take your Ship out and burn some fuel just to increase your level.

There is a Quicker Way to Increase Piloting Level in Starfield as well.

How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

In case you are left behind, you can level your Piloting Skills quickly by using the Flight Training Simulator in Starfield. This can be found in the Mast Building that you can find at the Start of the Vanguard Missions.

Through this flight simulator, you can level the Piloting Skills pretty quickly in Starfield. This is especially helpful when you are looking to get your hands on Narwhal Ship, which is the most expensive, as well as the best Ship Starfield has to offer.

How to Increase Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield

The Verdict

Starfield has this spectacular implementation of Skills Tree. When you are bringing your ships out for some fun, you might want to increase the Piloting Level, because the higher tier ships require that. Here we have a guide on How to Increase the Piloting Level Quickly in Starfield to help you out. Go to the Mast Building at the start of the Vanguard Missions, and you will find a Flight Simulator. Use that to increase your Piloting Skills for high-tier ships.

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