How to Make Content using ChatGPT from OpenAI

How to make content using ChatGPT from Open AI?

You might have heard of this Open AI recently – probably from Elon Musk and all the research they are doing related to Artificial Intelligence. Well, Open AI recently launched ChatGPT which allows you to communicate with a computer or programmed system that gives you answers in a more natural way.

Might sound a bit strange but this AI is quite an amazing thing to talk with or if you are a content creator, you can also make content through it. That is why we are here to talk about How to make content using ChatGPT from OpenAI. So, without any further delay let’s hop into the details of this article.

You can Learn all about ChatGPT from the OpenAI Blog here.

What is ChatGPT

Just like we mentioned here: ChatGPT is a chat system made by Open AI – an AI Research and Deployment Company. This ChatBot is free to use for the Public to kind of play with. It collects data from various sources and uses Artificial Intelligence to mimic human-like behavior.

You just ask ChatGPT questions and the AI Chat Bot will answer them in a natural or human-like manner. If you are a content writer or know about writing, you might have wondered “Can I make content using ChatGPT from Open AI?” Of course, you can and below went into the details of this topic as well.

How to make content using ChatGPT?

To actually write content using ChatGPT you need the API for GPT-3 or also referred to as ChatGPT. You can go to the ChatGPT Login from the Link Here. Now that you have access to this amazing ChatBot you need to either train it yourself or you can also take a pre-trained version online.

Method 1

Don’t make it complex, you can simply go to the ChatGPT and after logging in your can simply write the thing you want the AI to answer. This will generate content and you can either provide it with a Prompt or you can also tell a topic and it will generate it.

Method 2

Another way to Make Content using ChatGPT is to use a Text Editing Program or even an Online Platform that takes content from you and then generates Output from the ChatGPT. Then, you can also provide it with a Topic or Prompt and it will generate something based on the Input.

After the Text is Generated, you can use it as a starting point for your own content or you can even train the model with multiple Inputs and create longer content.

Method 3

Finally, you can also give the ChatGPT commands using the CLI or Command Line Interface. You need to load ChatGPT using the correct command and then give it a topic or prompt to write on.

It will generate text based on what you put in the Input and afterward, you can use it as a starting point.

Things to take care of!

While ChatGPT might be a bit scary and too good to be true, it is a Computer after all. There might be some mistakes, repetitions, or misinformation from the Bot. You just have to re-read what the ChatGPT from OpenAI gives you based on your input and change it to your best capabilities. It might be good but it’s not perfect!

Final Verdict

Now you know How you can make content using ChatGPT from OpenAI. It surely is quite a spectacular invention that a Computer generates a near perfect Output based on your Input. You can take it as a starting point or something to get a knowhow of because the ChatBot from Open AI gives a short, precise, and professional answer to your input. Yes, there are some limitations but it learns every time you ask it something crazy.

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Can you use ChatGPT free of cost?

Yeah!!! The Best Thing about ChatGPT is that you can use it without paying a penny and neither do you have to suffer from any Ads here. It does cost a fortune and probably in the future, they have to monetize it.

Who is the Owner of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is owned by Open AI which is an AI-based research company further owned by Elon Musk and Sam Altman Ilya. There are other many investors involved but these two Legends are the highlight.

Is there any hidden agenda behind ChatGPT being free of cost?

Well, there isn’t anything evil going on behind all of this. It’s just that AI works in such a manner that it learns from everything even when you ask questions from the ChatGPT. On every try, the Computer will learn and make itself better than before.

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