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How to Make Money Online By Sharing Your Internet: HoneyGain

Do you want to make money by doing absolutely nothing? You are in the right place then. We are going to discuss about a money-making app that pays you for sharing/using the internet which is Honeygain.

What is HoneyGain?

Honeygain is a web-based application that enables other companies to conduct intelligence, market and business research.

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It is available on Android, Windows, and macOS. The phenomenon on which you get paid is, it uses your unused internet and turns it into USD.

How to Earn Money through Honeygain?

You can earn simply by doing nothing, just don’t turn your data or wifi off and let it consume your unused internet. You earn credits for every KB you bring in, and after reaching the threshold of 20$ you can withdraw it. 10 Credits = 0.01$.

Make upto 50$ on Honeygain By sharing your internet

You can use max 5 devices on a single network, but it’s better to use them on different networks to increase your revenue potential.

According to the users, you can earn up to 50$ monthly by staying connected to the internet for 720 hours/month. The earning rate totally depends on your ISP/Internet Speed. You won’t feel any difference while using honeygain app in the background.

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Is Honeygain Safe?

According to George Clouston, the application is totally safe and authentic.

I used a few devices to hasten my credit gathering (6 devices maximum for the same IP address), and once I reached a decent number (23$), I cashed out.

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Get 5$ Instantly on Registration

Using my referral link you’ll get 5$ instantly on registering, then you can refer others and they will get 5$ also and you’ll get 10% of their earnings.

Honeygain works on both wifi and data connection. You can increase your earning rate by installing Honeygain on more devices. It uses max 15GB of data per day.



Our own review on this app is that it doesn’t pay much but it’s good considering we have to do nothing. I’ve made 5.1$ in 1 day.

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