How To Monitor And Record Email Activity With Email Oversight?

How To Monitor And Record Email Activity With Email Oversight?

Email Oversight for Gmail is, without a doubt, one of the most effective email activity-tracking services currently available on the market. It enhances the efficiency of email communication by integrating smoothly with Gmail to notify you whenever one of your messages is seen by a recipient. Email Oversight alerts you in various ways whenever a recipient opens your email. These are the following:

  • Via real-time desktop notification.
  • Through email, with 1st Open Email Alerts installed on your account.
  • Making use of the green checkmarks with two checks next to them that we put in the sent folder of your Gmail account.

You probably already know that Email Oversight can tell you precisely when an email is opened, but were you aware that it can also tell you how often it is opened? When someone opens an email, do they click on the links, and how many times do they click on them?

The email tracking system offered by Email Oversight includes a function called Email Activity (only available with our paid plans). It gives you precise information on the number of times and times of day that your contacts open their emails.

How To Monitor And Record Email Activity With Email Oversight?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Viewing Email Activity in Gmail

Your first order of business is to check your account settings and ensure that the Email Activity option is turned on. After you have finished doing that, open the sent message folder in your Gmail account. The next step is to move the mouse pointer over the Email Oversight checkmarks that are green next to a specific message. You will see all the email openings associated with that email in the tooltip. If you use our Link Tracking function to add tracked links to the email, you will also be able to see how many times each of your links have been clicked on by recipients of the email. While on the road, you can also examine your emails’ tracking history. Use your mobile device’s Google Chrome web browser to sign in to your Activity Dashboard.

What are some benefits of seeing the activity monitoring for my emails?

In a nutshell, to have the ability to check email engagement. This is helpful information to have if email discussions are opened several times. It’s a good indicator that people are paying attention to your emails. That means they are looking forward to receiving the information you are supplying.

Even better would be if you could see the dates and times for each open due to email monitoring. Why? Because with this knowledge, you may acquire insights as to when someone typically receives your emails and create arrangements to follow up with them.

For instance, sales representatives can determine when business prospects are interested in their sales presentation and when the time of day it is most probable that the prospects will be checking their email. This can only benefit the sales cycle and increase the likelihood of acquiring more clients.

Activity on Emails Regarding Email Campaigns

You may monitor the open rates of an email campaign that the company sent using email tracking with the assistance of Email Activity. If you send an email campaign using the Chrome extension’s Campaign function, each campaign receiver will get a unique tracked copy of your message. When you move the cursor over the check marks next to each campaign email, you’ll be able to see the date and number of times each recipient has opened the message.

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