How To Play Valheim? A Complete Guide

How To Play Valheim? A Complete Guide

Valheim is a Survival-Adventure game based on Vikings culture and is available on Steam for Windows. The game is developed by Iron Gate Studio and it was released on February 2nd, 2021. The game is all about exploring a huge Viking-inspired world where you have to travel and survive like a true Viking. After one week of the game’s release, about one million copies were sold according to Iron Gate Studio. On February 19th, Steam confirmed that Valheim has sold 3 million copies already. Moreover, Steam also confirmed that it is the second-most played game on Steam. According to steam:

Over 60,000 ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews

Officially entered the Steam’s Top 250 best-reviewed games of all time (we’re 78th and climbing!)

Currently, 7th most streamed game on twitch, surpassing CS: GO, Dota 2, Minecraft, and Rust

Over 20 million hours of gameplay already watched – now help us find a Viking reference for this one!

Just like Minecraft or any other survival game, you have to hunt to eat and build a shelter to live and sleep. You can play this game alone and also with your friends. However, if you wish to play with your friends you need to create a server. The stuff you make on your server and the achievements you gain on your server will remain there only. If you go to any other server, you’ll have to start over and make everything from scratch. You can buy the game on steam for $8.19 USD only.

How To Create and Join a Server and play with your friends?

  • Open Valheim.
  • Create your character and name him.
  • If you wish to be the host, after creating the character on the Start Game section, click on create a server.
  • After creating the server, if your friend is on your steam friendslist, he can join by searching on the friend’s section in the “Join-Game”.
  • Otherwise, you can join a server by finding any community server.
How To Play Valheim? A Complete Guide

How To Play Valheim?

Your main goal is to conqueror the land and to kill creatures so you can eat their meat and use their leather for clothes and weapons. So, the game starts with Hugin dropping you off on the default spawn location. Hugin is an eagle-like creature which will guide you throughout the game. After spawning on the default position, you need to start a life, you can do that by hunting an animal or by chopping wood with your bare hands. After gathering enough wood you can make a stone-ax which will help you chop wood a lot faster than before.

Just like every human being, Viking or not, you need food to survive in the world. You can gather food by hunting boars and deers or you can eat mushrooms and berries. The food will also heal you. To hunt, you’ll need a weapon, you can start by making a club weapon. In order to make this, you need to gather wood and then press the tab and craft a club. You can also craft a hammer that will help you in building your own house where you can rest, sleep, cook and eat.

There are also readymade houses that you can repair and make your spawn point. In order to make a house your spawn point, you’ll need a bed. To make a bed you need to first make a workbench and a firepit and place it in your house. You can place your cooking tool on the firepit and cook raw-meat which you’ll gather from deers. You can sleep through the night on the claimed bed too.

The game seems interesting and easy? It is interesting but not easy. If you die in the game your items will remain there while you will respawn on your bed. In order to retrieve them you’ll need to travel back to that location and press E on your tombstone to retrieve them. Remember, you died there because it was too much for you? There are creatures wondering in the open-world map, even trolls which can one-hit kill you. In order to survive, you will need to be careful enough not to engage with strong creatures that will instantly kill you. If you do, run like hell because if you fight you will die and then all your items will be lost.

The game supports up to 10 players in the Co-Op. So, it’s better to play with your friends, it will increase your chance of surviving in the Vikings-inspired world.

How To Play Valheim? A Complete Guide

Is Valheim coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X?

It’s quite unlikely that Valheim will ever come to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Since, the game is still in the beta version and Iron Gate Studio is really small with just four full-time employees. So, it’s hard to say that this game will ever release on the other platforms.

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