How To Post Auto-Caption Stories on Instagram

How To Post Auto-Caption Stories on Instagram

Facebook is introducing a lot of new features lately. Instagram has introduced a new sticker that will automatically transcribe speech in your story videos. Back in August 2020, Instagram introduced Reels which is a TikTok-like feature in the application. Instagram Reels allows users to share fun and engaging video content of 15 seconds. However, the Auto-Caption sticker is not available on Instagram Reels right now.

The sticker is only available in “English and English-speaking countries”. However, Instagram will roll this feature out in other countries soon. Instagram Tweeted:

Sound off…with sound off.

Now you can add a captions sticker in Stories (coming soon to Reels) that automatically turns what you say into text. We’re starting in a handful of countries and hope to expand soon.

How To Post Auto-Caption Stories

Just like any other story on Instagram, you can publish auto-caption stories in the same way.

  • Click on your display picture.
  • Create a video that has a voice-over in English.
  • Click on the sticker category.
  • Choose the Auto-Caption Sticker.
  • Adjust the style, color, spelling, etc.
  • Publish the story on your Instagram.

Since, everyone has a different accent, the automatically transcribed speech can be customized/edited. You can check for spelling, punctuation mistakes after creating the video.

Masab Farooque
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