How to save the Gondians - Good Ending Baldur's Gate 3

How to save the Gondians – Good Ending Baldur’s Gate 3

Your mission to save the Gondians from the Overseers can end in a bunch of ways. This article covers How to save the Gondians to get the good ending in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to save the Gondians - Good Ending Baldur's Gate 3

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Find Gondian Zanner Toobin

Head to the Steel Watch Foundry. Roll a dice to unlock the door and get inside. This will trigger a cutscene. Once that’s over, approach the large door on your left. Roll a dice to unlock it. Inside, you’ll find Gondian Zanner Toobin. He will ask who you are. Answer that you’re here to take down the Steel Watch. 

He will ask you to leave and inform you that the collars are not only armed with explosives, but also alert the overseers if removed. Even if all the Gondians at the Steel Watch Foundry remove their collars simultaneously, their families are held elsewhere and will suffer the consequences of their actions. 

In response, offer to free their families. Zanner Toobin will agree to help if you do so, although he doesn’t know where his family is being held. For that, you must infiltrate deeper into the foundry.

Find a Note Underground 

Take the door leading underground and kill all the enemies there. Then go up a ladder. See that shelf next to the parchment? It hosts the note in question. Read it to learn that the hostages are being transported to the Iron Throne.

Go to the Iron Throne Prison 

Lockpick a pair of double metal doors outside and kill the creatures inside. You’ll find a hatch underneath some wooden boxes. Use it to enter Flymm Cargo’s Basement. Head to the Machine Parts Storage area. Go through the door there to enter the Subaquatic deck. 

Talk to Redhammer the Deviser and roll for intimidation. He will tell you about the Gondian prisoners held as collateral at the underwater prison called the Iron Throne. Tell him you need to go there. You’ll need to pass an intimidation roll for this.

Save the Gondian hostages and Duke Revengard

Inside Redhammer’s submersible, you’ll get a call from Gortash. He will threaten to kill both you and all the hostages inside if you enter the Iron Throne. Dock at the prison anyway. This will trigger an explosion. 

Save the Gondian hostages and Duke Revengard, escaping to the submersible dock before the Iron Throne collapses. You will have a limited number of turns to do this. Leave once all the hostages are safely on-board including Zanner Toobin’s daughter, Obelia Toobin.

Return to the Foundry to Save Everyone 

Re-enter the Steel Watch Foundry. This will trigger a cutscene of Gondian Zanner Toobin rebelling. Talk to him. He will ask you to guide him to the Neurocitor. 

Head underground until you reach the lab level. Then enter the control center. Zanner Toobin will be able to hear the Neurocitor here and devises a plan to destroy it. Escape the building as it explodes.

How to save the Gondians - Good Ending Baldur's Gate 3


You need to free the Gondian’s being held hostage before the Foundry workers can rebel. We hope this guide on How to save the Gondians helps. As always, happy gaming!

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