How to setup and Rank your gigs on Fiverr

How To Setup, Rank Gigs on Fiverr and Earn during COVID-19 (2020 Method)

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers where they can earn by providing/selling their services. It is the world’s biggest freelancing platform. It came to existence in 2010 in Israel. Because of the pandemic, COVID-19, many people have lost their jobs. Complete lockdown has been imposed in every country by the government and people are forced to stay at home and take necessary precautions. No country is financially stable now, so a major decrease in salary is also expected. On Fiverr, you can earn at home. However, you need to have a skill, using which you will sell your services in the marketplace.

Nowadays, it is really difficult to rank a Gig. Also, new Fiverr users can only see 1-2 buyer requests on their account. So, even if they send an offer they are not going to hire a new account with no reviews. It is basically like those government jobs which ask for “10 years of experience” after graduation. However, there are some hacks and tricks which can help you set up proper gigs and Rank gigs on Fiverr.

How To Setup, Rank Gigs on Fiverr and Earn during COVID-19 (2020 Method)

How To Setup Gigs?

The first step on Fiverr is to decide on which niches you are going to work. It could be Graphic Designer, something related to coding or development, SEO, maybe Digital Marketing or Content Writing? or maybe all of them if you have that many skills. SEO and Digital Marketing are the most highly paid skills on Fiverr but they do require an investment. We are not going to discuss how you can learn these skills, we already did it in another article “How To Work From Home (Complete Guide 2020)“. Today, our only goal is to teach you how to set up Gigs and Rank Gigs on Fiverr.

Setting up

After deciding on which you are going to work on. Create a Gig, choose a really compelling title but a simple one, you don’t need to use difficult words in it. Like if your Gig is about Web Traffic, you can choose a title, something like ” I will skyrocket your website traffic targeted from this “Country”. If you chose Logo Designing, you can type ” I will create a perfect professional logo for your brand”. Like I mentioned earlier, SEO is the most paid skill on Fiverr, you can choose its title “I will rank your website using white hat SEO”. It should be eye-catchy and compelling because you need to catch the client’s attention. Select the service type and metadata. Use relevant tags, matters a lot.

Now comes pricing, keep the basic package as low as possible. After filling the pricing, describe your Gig, it is the most important part. Explain why the client should hire you, what services you will be providing which others lack. Like, if you are making a Gig of Content Writing, explain your package. What you’ll provide the client in each package. In basic, maybe 1 keyword optimized article of 500-600 words? And in Standard, 2 keywords optimized article of 1000-2000 words article. Add the requirements which you will be needing and finally add some pictures, samples of your previous work.

Rank Gigs on Fiverr, Article Writing.

How to Rank Gigs on Fiverr?

Choose a skill that has a high demand and is not saturated. Ranking Gigs of a new account is a hard task. Look into the Ranked Gigs, use the keywords which they used on your gig’s description. Upload the finest work on your Gallery. Provide unlimited revisions and always focus on customer satisfaction. Keep your response time at least 3-4 hours. After doing all that, you need to stay online at least 19-20 hours a day, keep refreshing your browser or else Fiverr will log off your session. Remember at first, you need to focus on reviews, not money. Satisfy your client, unlimited revisions, and the money-back guarantee is the key.

How to Rank Gigs on Fiverr?

As you can see, I typed “Remove Background From Image” and my friend’s (M_masab, we both have same names) Gig showed up on top, that’s how ranking works. The skill has high demand and is not that much saturated, so easier to rank on Fiverr.

In case you need any help or facing any issue on Fiverr, I will gladly help you.

Masab Farooque
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