How to Spend Renown in Palia?

How to Spend Renown in Palia?

Now, the question that everyone is asking is How to Spend Renown in Palia. Either you use it for more max focus, more efficient focus, more land or something else entirely. Well, we got you covered in our Palia Renown Guide.

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Introduction to Palia

Palia is a fantasy game developer by the Singularity 6 Studio. Unlike other games of a similar genre, Palia is fascinatingly free-to-play and has multiplayer functionality as well.

You start off as a human in the fantasy world, where humans were thought to be extinct. But, somehow you and others pop off here, in a world filled with Majiri – non-humans.

While the game has minimal combat, it is mostly focused on developing other skills like mining, survival, building, fishing, cooking, and so on. You can call it a free-to-play fantasy-esque survival game.

How to Spend Renown in Palia?

How to Spend Renown in Palia?

The way to spend Renown in Palia depends mainly on you and no one else. This is the best thing about Palia, that you can simply play as you like.

But, in our recommendation, you need to go for focus efficient mostly. After going for the higher tier food, you will raise only the max focus higher than the amount from eating one piece of food.

Therefore, there isn’t a point in getting super high focus cap, because here you will have to eat 3 pieces of food at once to fill that bar.

In case you don’t want to go that way, you can use Focus to expand, buying more land with your Renown. Go to the Town Hall and buy it using Renown. Then unlock them at the home in “H” Menu.

Most people go with the Max Focus range of 400 to 600, then focus on the bonus to 50 percent. In short;

  • Go for the Focus Efficieny First, as it will help you overall in the game
  • Then, go with the Plot Size Increase with your Renown (Expansion of Land). When you need it, you will find it beneficial, otherwise, no use.
  • Finally, enhance your Maximum Focus using Renown in Palia. It won’t help you at all till you come to a point where you have to craft food, giving you more focus at once for convenience.

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