Transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos

How to Transfer Photos From Facebook to Google Photos using this new tool

Facebook is trying to help its users during the pandemic in every way possible. They introduced many new features last month (April). Today Facebook introduced a new tool that allows you to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos. Google Photos is a cloud-based photo sharing and storage service. The tool was first released in December in few countries, but later they expanded the availability to more countries. Today, the tool was made available for users in the USA and Canada.

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When it comes to storing photos and videos, Google Photos is your best choice since it does not reduce Photo quality and can store images up to 16 Mega Pixels. Most importantly, Google Photos is free. Facebook told The Verge:

“People will also be able to transfer photos to other companies that join the Data Transfer Program.”

How to Transfer Photos From Facebook to Google Photos using this new tool

It’s a great initiative by Facebook since it is going to allow other tech giants like Microsoft, Apple to share and transfer photos. Facebook named this project “Data Transfer Project”.

How to Transfer Photos From Facebook to Google Photos

  • Open Facebook.
  • Go to Facebook Settings.
  • Click on Your Facebook Information.
  • There you will find “Transfer your photos”.
  • Login to your google account.
  • Start the process.

In case, you don’t see this option, it’s most probably because the tool is not available in your country. For that, you can download any VPN from Google Play Store. I personally prefer Super VPN. However, it’s totally up to you. Open the VPN and change your region/location to The United Kingdom. Then re-login to your Facebook account, it would be wise if you uninstall and reinstall the Facebook application. Now you’ll be able to see the option to transfer your photos and videos to Google Photos.

If you are using Facebook on Desktop, you can download VPN like Nord or Express. Procedure is same as smartphone.

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