Unlock Rune Smithing in Lords of the Fallen

How to Unlock Rune Smithing in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen is a mysterious game, following the steps of Dark Souls and Blood Bourne, aiming to make things most competitive for players. While you can enhance or upgrade your weaponry through Gerlinde the Blacksmith, there is one thing missing, “Rune Smithing”.

Rune Smithing allows you to utilize the runes found throughout the game and put those runes to the weapons to increase certain weapon attributes. But, how to get the Rune Smithing from Sparky?

Here in this guide, I am going to share with you all the elements of How to Unlock Rune Smithing in Lords of the Fallen by following the Sparky-Gerlinde Quest.

Finding Gerlinde Blacksmith

First of all, you need to find Gerlinde, who is a Blacksmith and later on helps us get the Gerlinde Quest, further pointing towards the Rune Smithing.

She is trapped in the lower mine cell area of the Pilgrim’s Perch. You can find the key, just below the Vestige of Blind Agatha, taking the elevator underground. Fight the enemies and one of them will drop off the Key to Gerlinde’s Cell.

Finding Gerlinde Blacksmith to get the Sparky and Gerlinde Quest

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Going to Gerlinde and Sparky Merchant Shop

When you free Gerlinde, she is going to put shackles around Sparky’s hands in the Skyrest Bridge area, trapping him.

After you talk to Gerlinde, she is going to give you the Gerlinde Rune Tablet Quest, where you have to find 3 Rune Tablets in Lords of the Fallen.

Finding Rune Tablets Location

Just as we mentioned, there are three tablets you need to find.

First Cracked Rune Tablet Location

You can find the first Gerlinde’s Cracked Rune Tablet in Fitzroy’s Gorge. As a reward, you will be able to add ruins to your weapons.

  • Enter and proceed through the cave
  • There is a wooden base floor
  • Walk over it
  • Find Drustan on the left, under the cave
  • Proceed from the NPC onwards to get the Tablet

Second Chipped Rune Tablet Location

The second Chipped Rune Tablet is found in the Upper Crath House leading to the Sunless Skein. As before, this Gerlinde’s Tablet will expand Rune Slotting Options.

  • Defeat the Sperm Prigyny
  • Unlock the Vestige of Done
  • Simply follow the path into the city
  • Come across a house
  • The second ruin is inside the fireplace
Finding Rune Tablets Location

Third Rune Tablet Location

The last rune for the Gerlinde and Sparky Quest (Travels Resumed) can be found in the Tower of Penance.

  • Head to the bottom of the tower
  • Land on Metal Grates
  • On the roundabout, there is a Chest
  • Open the Chest to get the Third Rune Tablet

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Giving Rune Tablet to Sparky to Unlock Rune Smithing on Vestiges

After you find all three rune tablets, you can come back to Gerlinde and Sparky. There are two choices here, either give the Rune Tablets to Gerlinde or give them to Sparky.

To Unlock Rune Smithing on Vestiges in Lords of the Fallen, you will have to give the Rune Tablets to Sparky instead of Gerlinde.

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