How to Upgrade Harpoon Gun in Dave The Diver

How to Upgrade Harpoon Gun in Dave The Diver

Dave the Diver is an exciting underwater adventure game where players take on the role of Dave, a sushi restaurant owner who explores the depths of the ocean to catch fish and uncover hidden treasures. The primary tool for fishing in the game is the Harpoon Gun, which allows Dave to capture various sea creatures. As players progress in the game, they may encounter larger and more formidable fish that require a stronger harpoon. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade the Harpoon Gun in Dave the Diver.

How to Upgrade Harpoon Gun in Dave The Diver

How to Upgrade Harpoon Gun in Dave The Diver

One of the ways to upgrade the Harpoon Gun in Dave the Diver is through permanent upgrades. These upgrades can be purchased using in-game currency. Here’s how you can buy permanent harpoon upgrades:

Complete the “Tracking the Sea People” Quest

In Chapter 1 of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the “Tracking the Sea People” quest. Upon completing this quest, the iDiver app will be unlocked on your in-game smartphone.

Access the iDiver App

Open the iDiver app on your smartphone by scrolling through the phone menu. Look for the iDiver icon, usually located on the top row as the 2nd item. The iDiver app allows you to buy equipment upgrades, including harpoon gun upgrades.

Select Harpoon Gun Upgrade

Within the iDiver app, you’ll find a list of available upgrades for your equipment. Navigate to the Harpoon Gun category, which is usually located as the last spot in the iDiver menu.

Purchase Upgrades with Coins

Choose the desired harpoon gun upgrade from the available options. Each upgrade requires a certain amount of in-game currency (Coins). The cost of upgrades increases as you progress. For example, upgrading to Damage 17 may require 700 Coins.

Upgrade the Harpoon Gun

Once you’ve selected an upgrade and have enough Coins, confirm the purchase to upgrade your Harpoon Gun. The upgraded harpoon will deal more damage, making it easier to catch larger fish and defend against aggressive creatures.

Upgrade the Harpoon Gun at least once during the initial phase of the game to improve your fishing abilities and enhance your defense against hostile sea life.

How to Upgrade Harpoon Gun in Dave The Diver

Final Words

Remember to keep exploring and upgrading other attributes of your character, such as the Diving Suit and Air Tank, to handle the challenges of deep-sea diving and extend your underwater exploration time.

Enjoy the immersive world of Dave The Diver and have fun upgrading your Harpoon Gun to become the ultimate underwater fisherman!

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