How To Use Facebook Bars App To Create Your Own Raps

How To Use Facebook Bars App To Create Your Own Raps

Last month, Facebook’s Research and Development Team launched a new application that will let you create high-quality rap songs. This application is called “Bars App”. The application is currently in its beta phase and is only available for few users. However, you can reserve your username by downloading the application. Currently, Facebook Bars App is only available on the iOS platform.

Facebook’s new application is pretty similar to TikTok but Bars is only for 60-second videos of raps created with professional beats. Facebook Bars App is more focused on “would-be” rappers who can now create and share their own rap-videos through this new application.

How To Use Facebook Bars App To Create Your Own Raps

Moreover, users can select professional beats in this app for their upcoming rap. Also, when the user is writing their own lyrics it will suggest rhymes for their rap. According to Tech-Crunch, the application also promises “studio-quality vocal effects”. There are three levels in the application which are called “Rap Experience” within the iOS application.

  • Beginner (<1year rap experience)
  • Intermediate (<1-3years rap experience)
  • Advanced (4+years rap experience)

BARS is officially live in the app store! Reserve your username and get early access by downloading the app from the link in our bio. BARS is a new app that lets you create a high-quality rap in a fun and easy way over hundreds of free beats. No formal rap experience required, you can create something great whether you’ve just thought of a dope couplet or have been freestyling for years.

Facebook has not yet commented on their new application release yet. Facebook is also planning to launch its own smartwatch too, which will compete against Apple Watch Series. Last year, Facebook launched another experimental application for music lovers “Collab”. However, that application is still in the experimental phase and is only available on iOS.

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