How To Use Facebook Bitmoji Avatar

How To Create Facebook Bitmoji Avatar if it’s not available in your region

Like Snapchat, Facebook came up with a similar feature that allows you to use avatars in comments, stories, and messages. It’s not the first time Facebook is trying to copy Snapchat. Apple has a similar feature “Memoji”, which you can create on any iOS device. Facebook Bitmojis can also be used in Facebook Gaming Profiles.

Facebook has been helping a lot during the pandemic by introducing some new and amazing features this year. Especially, the new gaming app and the Messenger Room which allows up to 50 participants in a single video conference.

Avatars enable you to share a range of emotions and expressions via a digital persona that’s uniquely representative of you, so we’re excited to bring this new form of self-expression to more people around the world. 

Facebook Bitmoji first made an appearance last year in Australia in June. Now they launched it in the USA. However, it is still not available in other countries.

How To Make Avatar

To create your Facebook Bitmoji Avatar, Open Facebook or messenger comment composer, click on the “Smiley” section, and then the sticker section. Click on “Create New Avatar”, this will allow you to create your Facebook Bitmoji Avatar.

Another method is open your Facebook App. Click on the three-lined icon on the top right corner. Scroll down, select See More. Find Avatars. Click on it and create your Avatar. Just like snapchat, you can make your own Avatar, like face, body style, clothes. Once done, it will now be available on messenger as well as Facebook Application.

How To Use Facebook Bitmoji Avatar if it’s not available?

Facebook Bitmoji Avatar is only available in few countries and it will take some time to roll out this feature to every other country just like it took some time for FB Care Emoji to pop up for every country. However, if you are eager to use it right now, it’s possible and it is pretty easy, you just need to follow these methods.

  • Download SuperVPN from Google Play Store.
  • Choose the Region USA.
  • Uninstall Facebook App and Messenger Application.
  • Redownload it and connect to the USA region.
  • Now login to the application.
  • Go to Facebook Comment Composer.
  • Click on Stickers.
  • Create your Avatar.
  • Now you have your own avatar.

You can try other VPNs as well, like Nord VPN or Expressvpn.

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