Facebook redesigned website with DarkMode

How to use Facebook redesigned website with dark mode if it’s still not available

Last year, Facebook announced that a new and redesigned version of Facebook is going to release which will support dark mode on Desktop. Today, according to Facebook, it was released globally. Also, they claim it to be faster and easier to use. The first Facebook Redesigned Website with Dark Mode update started rolling out back in November 2019, which was only available to few people. Facebook has been introducing some really amazing new features lately, especially during the pandemic, they have been helping us a lot.

Also, it can be disabled too with just one click, if you are not a fan of Dark Mode on Desktop.

How to use Facebook Redesigned Website With Dark Mode?

It’s actually pretty simple, if it’s available for you, they will change the theme automatically. However, you can do it manually too. Follow these steps:

  • Click the down arrow which is present at the upper right section of the Facebook Desktop.
  • There you’ll see Switch to New Facebook.
  • Click it, the theme will be changed.
  • You can also disable it by doing the same “Switch it back to Classic”.

Not everyone is a fan of Dark Mode, so some people still prefer the Classic version. However, “Dark Mode” is the new trend lately. While Facebook claims it is available for everyone now, globally. I still haven’t received Facebook redesigned website yet. But I came up with a solution that helped me get it.

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How to use Facebook redesigned website with dark mode?

How to use it if it’s still not available?

I followed these simple steps to get the Facebook redesigned website with dark mode.

  • Download Hotspot Shield for Desktop. ( Cracked)
  • Install it.
  • Logout your Facebook Account.
  • Clear Cache and History.
  • Choose the USA as the region.
  • Re-login.
  • Now you will see the option “Switch to new Facebook.”
  • Click it.

Now you don’t need to use VPN always, it will remain like this always. You can uninstall it.

I followed these simple steps to get the Facebook redesigned website with dark mode.

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