How to use Instagram Music Story if it's not available yet

How to use Instagram Music Story if it’s not available yet

Instagram is another social media platform owned by Facebook, where photo and video sharing is only possible. It is currently the most used social media platform due to COVID-19, people tend to create more selfies during the lockdown. Also, the messaging feature on Instagram made it easier to communicate with each other. Most of the celebrities prefer Instagram over twitter these days because of its live feature and photo-sharing, which bring fans closer to them. Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat too. But they rejected, so Facebook stole their feature of story-sharing, a photo or a video which disappears after 24 hours. This pretty much ruined Snapchat business, however, people still prefer Snapchat over Instagram. Facebook has been introducing a lot of new features during the pandemic to make communication easier. Also, ruining Snapchat alongside. Recently Facebook launched the Bitmoji Avatar feature.

How To Create Facebook Bitmoji Avatar

Facebook also bought Giphy for $400 Million USD, which will be a part of the Instagram Team. Also, Instagram recently launched few Anti-Bullying tools which will help you filter comments and followers. Another amazing feature of Instagram is Instagram Music Story, which is not available for everyone yet even though it has been available for so long.

Instagram Music Story feature enables you to add music from a huge library of songs in your videos. Sadly, the maximum size is 15 seconds for a single story. How to use it?

  • Open Instagram Application.
  • Record a video.
  • Open the Sticker Menu.
  • Select Music on it.
  • Search for the song.
  • Add the song.
  • Your video has music now.

As mentioned earlier, the feature is not available for everyone. It is available in a few regions like the USA, UK, Australia e.t.c. It is not even available in my country “Pakistan”. However, there is a method that will enable this option on your Instagram.

How To Enable Instagram Music Story if it's not available?

How To Enable Instagram Music Story if it’s not available?

Like Facebook Bitmoji Avatar feature, some features are only available in USA and UK. These features take time to reach our regions. Follow the following steps to enable this feature on your Instagram Account.

  • Uninstall Instagram.
  • Download Super VPN from Google Play Store.
  • Choose the USA as the region.
  • Download Instagram again.
  • Login.
  • Open Instagram Story.
  • There you will see Music Sticker.
  • Add it to your Videos.

Feel free to comment if it doesn’t work, or you need help in enabling Instagram Music Story.

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