How To Use Map and GPS Navigation in DayZ

How To Use Map and GPS Navigation in DayZ

In the realm of multiplayer survival games, DayZ has the position above every other, developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. The game has an endless depth of mechanics made to make the players feel as if they are really in a survival zone. One of those mechanics is the use of a map or GPS for navigation. You will have to put yourself in the center and figure out all the details yourself, finding clues and putting them together. Don’t worry, to help you kickstart your journey ahead, we have here a guide on How to Use Map and GPS Navigation in DayZ.

How To Use Map and GPS Navigation in DayZ

Using Third-Party Maps

There are basically two ways you can learn about using maps and navigating around the game. The easiest one is using third-party maps like “izurvive“, which is exceptionally recommended when you are in the PvP Multiplayer part of the game, as it can give you clear hints on where loot, base, and extras are.

But in case you are experiencing DayZ alone, without any friends by yourself, then there is no need for that. Below, we will show you how to use maps and GPS navigation systems in DayZ.

Tips to use Maps and GPS Navigation in DayZ

  • There are tourist maps, 2 compasses, and a GPS unit that can be used to navigate the resources
  • The picnic tables that are near the hiking paths have a map that is symbolized by a red dot with the location.
  • You can download the community server map mods that can help you access maps by pressing M.
  • Use the map and the compass combined to navigate and towns or landmarks act as a visual check
  • Use a hotbar slot to stick both your compass and map
  • If you don’t have a compass, you can just press E for sunrise and W for sunset. The top will automatically be N. E stands for East, W stands for West and N stands for North here.
  • You can use a GPS receiver in the game, but make sure you put a 9v battery inside beforehand. After that, you can position yourself on the map using the GPS coordinator.
How To Use Map and GPS Navigation in DayZ

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