How to Use Spotify Instafest? Create and Share Your Festival Lineup

How to Use Spotify Instafest? Create and Share Your Festival Lineup

Using the Spotify Instafest app, anyone can create a custom festival lineup with the help of their Spotify account. This app allows users to customize the appearance of the lineup by changing the name, the background, the music, and the duration of the show. It also helps users find out which artists are playing at the festival.

How to Use Spotify Instafest? Create and Share Your Festival Lineup

What is Spotify Instafest?

The festival lineup app Spotify Instafest allows users to choose the artists they listen to the most. The app also gives them the option of choosing artists for the last four weeks, or for the past six months. Instafest then uses these artists to create a lineup for the user. Alternatively, the app also gives users the option of choosing all-time artists.

Once the user has selected the artists, the app will create a fantasy festival lineup based on the user’s listening habits. This lineup can be shared on Instagram and Facebook. The app also allows users to download a graphic of the lineup. This can be shared either manually or automatically.

The app also gives users the option of hiding their Spotify username. This option is available only if the user has had their Spotify account for at least six months.

However, users who have signed up for Spotify for a week or less will not be able to create a festival lineup.

The Instafest website also allows users to create festival lineups. The website is similar to Spotify Wrapped, which provides users with a list of top artists and songs of the year. The Wrapped feature also includes a musical slideshow. Users can choose whether to share the Basic Score with the lineup. This is a measure of how popular the festival music is.

The Instafest web application is free to use. Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California, created this web application. He has also created several other apps. He is currently focused on integrating more features into Instafest. Moreover, he is also exploring the possibilities of creating a music-based social network around the generation of festival graphics.

How to Use Spotify Instafest? Create and Share Your Festival Lineup

Final Words

The Instafest app has also been generating viral posts on social media. According to TechCrunch, more than 5 million people have created an Instafest graphic. These graphics have been shared on social media and are being reviewed by other users. The app is based on Spotify data, so you can choose artists based on your listening habits. Once you have created your festival lineup, you can share it on Facebook or Instagram. You can also take a screenshot of the lineup and save it to your camera roll.

You can also share the Instafest lineup on Instagram stories. It is a fun way to showcase your favorite music. You can also include the lineup in Instagram Reel or TikTok videos. You can even post a picture separately if you want.

The Instafest app creates a festival lineup based on your Spotify listening habits. This lineup is automatically generated. You can download the graphic by clicking on “Save and Share” on the website.

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