How to view Private Profiles on Instagram

How to view private profiles on Instagram [2020 Method]

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social media platform. When it comes to privacy, it is the most secure social media platform, well that’s what Facebook claims. Instagram is also helping businesses and influencers lately. There are two types of profiles on Instagram, public and private, if the profile is public it can be viewed by anyone. If the profile is private, only the followers can view it. There is no way of finding who unfollowed on Instagram and when. However, there are alternatives that can allow you to know who unfollowed you, blocked you, and who visited your profile on Instagram.

Last year, we could see who viewed our story highlights, but they removed this option too leaving us with no way to check who viewed our story highlights. Today, we are going to discuss how you can view private profiles on and find out who unfollowed and blocked you on Instagram.

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Find out who visited your profile, unfollowed you and blocked you

Officially Instagram does not allow you to know this information. However, by following these simple steps you can find out who visited your profile and unfollowed you.

There is a tool on Google Play Store “Xprofile” which allows you to know the information which Instagram does not want you to know. It’s basically an Analytics Application for Instagram.

The application is available on Play Store, but not every feature is unlocked in it, you need to pay for some of them, so it’s better to download the cracked one.

  • Open this link and download the application.
  • Sign-in with your Instagram credentials.
  • Click on “blocked you” to find out who blocked you.
  • Go to Engagements and Find out who visited your profile.

There are other applications too, but I personally prefer Xprofile, you can search for more applications on Mod and Android APK.

How to View Private Profiles

This is not easy, you are going to find out many websites that are willing to show you Private Profiles, however, in the end, they ask for the payment. When you pay, well you know the rest. It doesn’t work. So I came with a solution that might work. “Might”, I didn’t personally try it, since I prefer using Instagram legally. Note: only try this method with a fake account.

How to view Private Profiles

This method requires an application “Instagram++”, it’s a third-party application which enables many other features too. You can download stories, be a ghost on Instagram, and view private profiles as well through this application. Again, I am telling you there is no guarantee it will work. Download the Application and try it yourself. I found this method from a video on Youtube.

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