How To Watch Final 13 Reasons Why Season 4

How To Watch Final 13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 Reasons Why Season 4, a mystery-teen drama is ending with it’s fourth and final season tomorrow. It is Netflix’s most controversial show because of its intense and thrilling plot that is based on high-school life. Hannah Baker, a young girl takes her own life after facing high school gossips, bullying, and sexual assaults by her fellow classmates. She creates 13 tapes before she suicides to reveal the people who did wrong to her. Clay Jensen, another high school student who had a crush on Hannah Baker, ends up avenging Hannah Baker.

However, Bryce Walker who was a major reason behind Hannah Baker’s suicide, because he raped her didn’t face any consequence for his actions. This enraged Clay Jensen, he ends up getting beaten by Bryce Walker in order to get his confession, that he raped her. Clay did get the confession, however, it was not enough to make Bryce suffer for his actions.

What happened in Season 2?

In 13 Reasons Why Season 2, Bakers lost the lawsuit against Bryce Walker. Mrs. Baker tells Clay that she is going to New York forever. Clay was devastated because of Hannah Baker’s suicide, and Bryce Walker’s actions. He ends up hallucinating Hannah Baker in the whole season, which leads him to do some stuff that he regrets in the future. He was ready to kill Bryce to make the hallucinations stop. However, Justin saved him from killing Bryce. Tyler ends up getting bullied by Monty and his crew, and eventually, Monty sexually abused him. Which changes Tyler, and he decides to get some payback, brings the whole arsenal to the School party, and was ready to go Punisher on all the students, however, Clay talked him down and saved him from Police.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Unexpected Plot

Season 3 had the most unexpected plot because someone killed Bryce Walker. The season was about finding the culprit behind the murder of Bryce. First, everyone thought it’s Tyler, then everyone thought it was Clay because Clay’s new friend was living with Bryce. Clay felt threatened because he was interested in Ani. We got to see the dark side of Clay Jensen in Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why. Clay, plenty of times threatened Bryce for Ani, however, Bryce and Ani were a thing too for a while. Police also suspected Clay Jensen, because every evidence was pointing at Clay.

Later it was revealed that Zach and Alex were behind the murder, Zach beats Bryce to a point when he couldn’t move, Alex finished the job. Zach vs Bryce happened because Zach started to date Bryce’s ex, and didn’t tell Bryce that his ex was pregnant with Bryce’s baby. Bryce breaks Zach’s leg which ruins his chance of scholarship. Zach then beats Bryce badly, Alex on seeing Bryce in this condition, tries to help Bryce. However, Bryce was so angry that he started threatening everyone which makes Alex change his mind. Alex kills Bryce to end the cycle of violence. Clay and the crew then frame Monty for the murder of Bryce Walker, who also gets murdered in the prison. Not realizing they missed something major, Winston, who was with Monty at the time of Bryce’s murder. Also, Tyler’s weapons were also found.

How to Watch 13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 Reasons Why Season 4 is going to be all about Winston trying to find the culprit behind Bryce’s murder so that he can prove Monty’s innocence. He already knows that the culprit is one of Clay’s friends. He is going to turn everyone against Clay and his squad. 13 Reasons Why Season 4 is going to be the darkest season of the whole series. The trailer pretty much proved that. Let’s see if they are going to face the consequences of their actions, also someone is going to die in the final season, guess who?

We are going to upload the link as soon as the season releases on the Internet, even if you don’t have Netflix, we will provide you with the link where you can watch the final season.

Who is going to die in 13 Reasons Why Season 4?

Dylan Minnette on Emotional Ending

Entertainment Tonight posted 13 Reasons Why Season 4: Dylan Minnette on Emotional Ending and Possible Spin-Off on Youtube today, which revealed that there is a possibility of a 13 Reasons Why Spin-off series.

He is pretty emotional about the ending of 13 Reasons Why, and he also claims that there is a lot to cover up in the final season.

It was definitely important for me because we’ve seen with clay since season one. There’s so much going on inside of him. It feels like it’s perfect that in season four that clay is seeing dr. Elman who has been name-dropping since episode two of the show from season one so I feel like it’s just the perfect way to help tell clay story in the final season.

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