How To Watch Selena Gomez and BlackPink's Ice Cream?

How To Watch Selena Gomez and BlackPink’s Ice Cream? CountDown

BLACKPINK is a Korean based pop band. YG created this amazing girl band. Each artist has their own place in the group. All the members are quite famous on social media as well. BTS, another Korean band give tough competition to the all-girl band as well. But, after BTS collaborated with the American singer “Halsey” on Boy with Luv. Fans are suspecting another collaboration. It is going to be big this time.

Ice Cream is an upcoming song release tomorrow by Selena Gomez and BlackPink. Two weeks ago, Selena Gomez confirmed this news on her Instagram account.

Basically it’s heaven and every bite is delicious.

Selena Gomez

Blackpink is gaining a lot popularity in America. Because of the song “Ice Cream”, they are also trending on Twitter currently. On August 24, they released a teaser featuring Selena Gomez and Blackpink on the phone call while the song was played in the background. It is Blackpink’s second single.

Watch Selena Gomez and Black Pink’s Ice Cream

Ariana Grande also showed support on the Instagram story, saying “proud of the squad, and so excited for this”. The song is all set to release tomorrow. We will publish it here as soon as it is released. Here is the countdown for it.

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