Huawei has been unbanned by US companies

The world’s number one telecommunication provider and number two phone manufacture ‘Huawei Phones’ is creating a number of the most important waves in the wireless trade right now.

However, Huawei ban in many countries of the world is a major issue but the biggest hassle this Chinese telecommunication giant came across is in 2019 is when the US Justice Department put 23 counts indictment on Huawei phones.

Huawei challenged US contracting ban as unconstitutional

In 2019, the US banned all their companies from using Huawei phones and equipment.

The Huawei phone company was added to the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List on May 15. The order was given by President Donald Trump.

Later Huawei challenged the US contracting ban as unconstitutional.

US and China have the years-long trade spat between them. Chinese President Xi Jinping asked President Donald Trump to end the Huawei Ban. He asked to uplift the Huawei ban on Huawei Phones if he wants Beijing to agree on a trade deal.

China and the US both countries are in trade talks for months. They want to end the Huawei ban dispute.

Along with the removal of the Huawei ban that is restricting US tech companies from selling the Huawei phones Beijing also negotiate with Washington to buy more of its exports.

G20 Summit

Donald Trump regarding Huawei ban stated in his press conference that he is uplifting the Huawei Ban and Huawei is allowed to purchase products from US suppliers. After the talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 in Osaka, Japan Trump hold the press conference in which he stated

“U.S firms will sell their equipment to Huawei. We’re talking regarding equipment where there isn’t any national security problem with it. I am aforesaid that’s ok, that we are going to keep mercantilism that product, these are American firms that make these merchandise. That’s very complex, by the way, I have agreed to allow them to continue to sell that product so that American companies will continue”

US companies unbanned Huawei

Now the US has been uplifted the Huawei ban, everyone is hoping that Google will also scrap their Android and Huawei ban. Last Month the Department of Commerce temporarily lifted the Huawei Ban.

Huawei was given a license to continue their trade of Huawei Phones with American countries. After the month-long Huawei Ban, US is finally allowing their companies to sell equipment to Huawei.

According to an Android Authority source, it is noted that In 2018, Huawei spent $11 billion on US-based suppliers. Qualcomm Chipsets and software from Microsoft, all are included in the equipment.

Huawei Phones is still on the US Department of Commerce’s ‘Entity List’. This will restrict the Huawei company to do their business with the firms present there. But this will most likely to be changed regarding the talks going between the two countries.

As Huawei Ban is a major issue and after the US has been unbanned the Huawei Ban everyone is looking forward to its future.

Not sure if Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and other companies will also uplift the Huawei Ban or ban on Huawei Phones and will continue to resume their trading with the Chinese tech company.

No doubt in the latest 5G mobile phone technology, Huawei is the leader. But the Huawei Ban did great harm to the company. According to the US statement, Huawei Company is a threat to the United States national security.

It is considered that China will also be buying more US farm Goods. China and the US both countries have agreed to restart trade talks.

They will have discussions on specific issues in the near future.

We can say that the relations between the two countries are finally back on the track after the US uplifted the Huawei Ban.

Huawei ban was temporarily uplifted last month as the US Department of Commerce gave the Huawei license to work with American countries.

This was followed by Trump’s administration decision to place the firm in a trade blacklist.

Huawei Phones and Android are always blocked to play any crucial part in the formation of 5G networks by Trump’s administrations.

The US has been claiming that Huawei is a security threat to the country.

Huawei still on the Entity list

Huawei ban is however uplifted by the US Government and it is allowed to trade with American countries but the most notable thing here is that Huawei is still in the Department of Commerce “Entity List”.

Even after today’s announcement, it is not removed from the list.

When asked about it, Trump insisted that he will later decide if he will remove the Huawei ban from the list or not.

If China wants to fully end the former’s Huawei ban, it will highly depend on how the trade deal between China and the US two countries will go.

Are they back to normal?

If the trade talks between the two countries go well and the trade-talk of China and the US keeps getting better and better, than the US Department of Commerce is most likely to remove the Huawei Ban from Entity list.

The resume of trade will help both the countries China and the US a lot in terms of equipment and goods.

But despite the good news, things between the two countries will never be the same.

The reason is the ongoing trade battle between the two countries due to the Huawei ban. This shows how much a company is dependent on the US to simply function.

Beyond aiding Huawei, Trump’s move can boost google and alternative Huawei partners who endowed their important time and resources into developing a relationship with Huawei to spice up their own businesses through Huawei’s business.

This news is for sure a relief for the Huawei Phones users.

If the situation remains the same as it is much clear now, It is most likely that Huawei and Google will work together again.

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