Iron Sights in The Finals Beta - Do they exist?

Iron Sights in The Finals Beta – Do they exist?

The Finals Playtest Open Beta is currently ongoing and it is gaining a lot of attention because of the unique playstyle of the game. But, have you ever wondered where are the Iron Sights in The Finals Beta? Do they exist? If yes, should you use them? Let’s talk about that below.

Iron Sights in The Finals Beta - Do they exist?

The Finals is a competitive FPS game that has a mixed theme from other top titles like Counter-Strike, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and even Warzone. Thus, making it something that we all wanted to play for a while.

Being a classical genre means that it should have the same mechanics as well, most notably iron sights. Warzone, Battlefield, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege have those, making it much easier for users to see through the scope. But, does The Finals have Iron Sight? Let’s discuss it.

Are there Iron Sights in The Finals Beta?

Yes, there are Iron Sights, meaning you will be able to zoom into your scope. But, not all the weapons have the Scopes and Iron Sights available, only a majority have them. It is something that is not customizable in the game.

Just like we mentioned the game is a unique mixture of all other competitive FPS games, it also has those mechanics. Counter-Strike doesn’t have an iron sight while Valorant has a system that allows you to zoom into the scopes of weapons.

Yes, there are Iron Sights in The Finals Beta and also Scopes. But, they are limited to some weapons, not all of them.

What is the Reason Behind Iron Sight and Scope in The Finals?

Not every FPS game needs an Iron Sight and once again, Counter-Strike is one clear example of this. Also, people don’t usually use Iron Sights in Valorant, which is a competitive FPS game and The Finals is based on it more than others.

But, in fast-paced games like Warzone, and Battlefield, you need the Quick Scope on weapons. Thus, you have a mix between both of them. In the silenced pistol and the M60 Light Machine Gun, you are provided with the Iron Sights to make it much easier for you to aim.

Should you use Iron Sight in The Finals?

As of right now, in the closed beta of the game, players aren’t happy with the iron sight as it takes a big portion of the screen, making it harder to see what is actually happening around.

Furthermore, butter on top, the game isn’t based on the gun mechanics at all. There are other things as well, like grenades, daggers, swords, and abilities as well.

There is no actual need of using the Iron Sight and Scope in The Finals Beta because game is not gun dependent and also the game takes a large portion of screen, reducing visibility, while you use the Iron Sight.

All in all, there is Iron Sight in The Finals, but it is not something that is available on all the weapons. No, you shouldn’t use it because it takes a large portion of the screen and the game is not purely gun-dependent as well.


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