Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft

Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft? Let’s Put an End to Longlasting Debate!

There’ve been many memes related to Minecraft, but the latest one is kind of old and puts our brains in a continuous loop of questions. Yes, I am talking about the question of Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft? Here in this Guide, we are going to discuss what the Real Color of Granite is in Minecraft. So, buckle up and be prepared to blow your mind off.

Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft?

Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft

Honestly, we all see differently and Beauty is in the eyes of Beholder. So, it pretty much means it could be both Red and Orange depending on the visionary. But, why does the Internet even go crazy around this debate… There’s going to be something off about Granite Color, right?

Starting of Granite Color Question in Minecraft

Granite Color Question in Minecraft Reddit

The real answer is in the Origins of this Hot Topic. It all started with the Dress Meme which started the never-ending loop of color debates that actually divided the community into different paths. 

That same is happening again the Minecraft where the Community is divided among the question Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft? There was a post by ProGamer73 along with his friends that started this debate. 

They thought that it would be over in a few answers but guess what… They were completely wrong!

Every single individual from Minecraft started throwing off their own favorite color they saw after witnessing Granite along with explanations. In their own terms, they were completely right, but so were others.

What’s the Real Granite Color in Minecraft?

So, that puts us against the wall and forces us to answer this question. The Real Color of Granite in Minecraft is… Wait!!!

There isn’t a specific color of Granite in Minecraft, rather it could be something completely different or combination of different colors. There aren’t only Red or Orange, rather these are the ones that the original person who started this meme posted about.

Some people see Brown, while others see Maroon. That takes up back to the starting where we mentioned that every individual sees different colors. On average there are people who might see red, while others see orange. There are even some who see Brown.

The real deal here is that in today’s era, people are so focused on proving their own point in the threads that it doesn’t matter what the real answer is. It could be something completely wrong, but the person is ready to defend themselves knowing they are wrong. 

Our Take on the Question “Is Granite Red or Orange in Minecraft”

After all of this, we could possibly see that it doesn’t matter what the color of Granite is. People are only there to either expand the meme or prove their point. If you see Red, it’s red, if you see Orange, it’s orange, and so on.

So kids, stop wasting your time and value yourself and your presence. If it is White, that doesn’t change anything, or even if it is Black that doesn’t change anything as well. It is a game, enjoy it and stop wasting your time!

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