Is Pro Elements Safe to Use - Get Elementor Pro for Free

Is Pro Elements Safe to Use – Get Elementor Pro for Free

Pro Elements is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to use Elementor Pro features for free, without paying a penny. But, as it is a third-party plugin, not from the Elementor Team, some have doubts about its authenticity. So, is Pro Elements safe to use? And, how to get Elementor Pro features for free? Let’s discuss this below.

Is Pro Elements Safe to Use - Get Elementor Pro for Free

What is Pro Elements and is it safe to use?

Pro Element is a derivative plugin taken out of the Elementor Pro Plugin, available on WordPress, as said by the Pro Elements team. While the Elementor Pro is one of the highest-rated and most usable plugins to build an incredible website for free, it has a minimum price tag of 59 dollars per year.

Most of the users like to use it for whole years, while others just want to make a blog and then say goodbye to the Elementor Pro. The latter can’t afford to pay a fee of 59 dollars for a singular website.

Thus, users like to Get Elementor Pro for free through the use of a plugin called Pro Elements.

Pro Elements GPLv3

GPLv3 is a rule for copyright holders to have permission for over-the-top terms and conditions. Typical GPL (GNU General Public License) doesn’t have much freedom, but version 3 of General Public License, provides users versatility.

Pro Elements is said to have GPLv3, which they also mention on the site. Thus, it kind of makes it safe in some sense. Before you make any conclusions, read the article below.

Is Pro Elements Safe to Use? Is it from Elementor?

No, Pro Elements is not safe to use because it is a third-party application with some fishy claims. Let me explain!

First of all, Pro Elements says that it is from Elementor LTD, but this is completely false. As, the Elementro Support Team itself, said that they only have Elementor Pro and Elementor Core. You can check out the Elementor Team saying that they don’t own Pro Elements.

Secondly, Pro Elements is causing issues to users’ websites, such as Infinite Loading Screen, Website stopping suddenly, and so on.

Thirdly, they promise to have source code on Github, but it isn’t. It is public, but not open-source, meaning users can’t mess around with it, as per the definition of Open-Source. Check out more details on Pro Elements Fishy Open-Source claims.

So, where do we land after all of this? Pro Elements is doing piracy hidden in disguise, providing users with a Pro/Paid version of Elementor, by installing another Plugin.

They are lying on their site that they are from the Elementor Team, but they aren’t. Also, they are not Open-Source, meaning all of the claims are lies. Thus, Pro Elements is not safe to use and they are not from the official Elementor Team.

How to Get Elementor Pro For Free?

You can get Elementor Pro for free by using the Pro Elements Plugin. As already explained, they do give you the pro tools for free, but they are quite fishy. After you lose your website, there is no coming back, as they will run away from claims, and the Elementor Team will just say that they don’t own Pro Elements.

Still, if you have a website you need to test Pro Elements on, here’s how to download Pro Elements and use it.

Is Pro Elements Safe to Use - Get Elementor Pro for Free

Where to download Pro Elements?

  • You can download Pro Elements from the official website
  • GitHub also provides you with the source code and files for Pro Elements. You can also use that.

How to Use Pro Elements?

  • Download the Pro Elements zip file
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Head to Plugins on the left side
  • On the top, click on “Add Plugins”
  • Below that, you will find “Upload Plugin”
  • Click on that, and open the Zip File for Pro Elements

After it is done, you can Install Pro Elements and enjoy Pro Elementor for Free. Now, you can develop your website with ease, but keep in mind that Pro Elements is a Scam and should be avoided at all costs.

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