Is Ryan Muprhy working on the John Wayne Gacy Netflix series?

Ryan Murphy’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story docuseries has become a huge hit on the streaming platform. The series is based on the life of America’s notorious killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer killed 17 men back in the 80s and ’90s. The Milwaukee killer was finally caught in 1991 when one of his victims, Tracy Edwards escaped the killer’s apartment and informed the authorities about his intention to murder him. The series is watched for 496 million hours breaking several Netflix records. Also, the new show broke the record of Squid Games, All of us are dead, Stranger Things season 4, and YOU season 3. The docuseries has become one of the most successful Netflix series in just two weeks of its release. Evan Peters played Jeffrey Dahmer in the series. It is Peters’s first project with streaming giant Netflix. The actor is famous for appearing in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

The show received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. However, in the last episode of the series “God of forgiveness, God of vengeance” fans saw a glimpse of another serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Gacy is famous for torturing and killing 33 boys and young men. Gacy was executed with a lethal injection the same day Jeff Dahmer was baptized in jail. The series did a good job of capturing the parallel between these events.

Is Ryan Muprhy working on the John Wayne Gacy Netflix series?

Fans want a John Gacy series from Ryan Murphy

Fans took to Twitter to demand a docuseries based on Gacy. The actor Dominic Burgess plays the “killer clown” in the series. Burgess has appeared in numerous projects. Burgess started his acting career by appearing in Batman begins. The actor continued to appear in ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Leftovers, The magician, and the Good place. But, it was his role as Victor Buono in Ryan Murphy’s “feud” that made him popular.

Here are some of the fan reactions on Twitter:

“@netflix let’s get Ryan Murphy and Dominic Burgess in the building for a ‘Gacy’ series. Formatted the same way as the #DahmerMonsterTheJeffreyDahmerStory series! Please.

Another user wrote: “Now can we get a whole series of @dominicburgess as John Wayne Gacy? @netflix.”

One of the fans was shocked to see the crazy transformation of Gacy from a contractor to a killer clown:

“And @dominicburgess pulled that character out so fast I didn’t know what hit me.”

Another fan praised Burgess for his performance:

“I was excited to see his perspective on this guy over the years and yet I wanted to watch from behind my fingers like a kid again. Primal fear. You have to watch Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.”

Burgess replied to the tweet with:

“Thank you! Just out here repping Stoke on Trent.”

However, Murphy and Netflix have not revealed any plans for a Gacy series yet. But, there is a season of Conversation with serial killer dedicated to John Wayne Gacy on Netflix.

Aliza Fatyma
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