Is Samsung Galaxy S9+ Getting Android 11 Update?

Is Samsung Galaxy S9+ Getting Android 11 Update?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was launched back in 2018. It was the first S series phone that introduced dual cameras. Even after two years, it is still the most widely used phone in the world. It has already received two major updates. Android 10 was released for Samsung S9 Plus this year along with One UI 2.0. Recently, One UI 2.1 was released for S9 Plus. Samsung only supports two major updates, so S9 or S9 plus won’t be getting Android 11 officially. However, it is still getting security patches and small updates.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ runs on an Exynos 9810 chipset having 6 GB RAM and Octa-core processor (4×2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55). The USA variant is running on Snapdragon 845. Samsung ignored their two major updates policy when they released ONE UI 2.1 for S9+. It introduced a lot of new features in the phone that includes Quick Share and Music share using which you can share files and play the same music on multiple devices. That’s not it, One UI 2.1 brought a new camera feature to S9+ too, single take which captures a series of pictures and videos when you press the capture button. The size of the phone is 6.2 inches which is a decent size considering all the 2020 phones, it has a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels along with 529-pixel density. There are two cameras on the back and two cameras on the front, one for capturing the selfies, and other one is an iris scanner.

How To Get Android 11 on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

As mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus won’t be getting Android 11 officially. However, you can install it unofficially by download a custom rom. Right now there is no custom rom available. You’ll have to wait till next year for the developers to design a custom rom for S9+.

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