Is there going to be another Iron Man movie?

Fans believe that there is going to be another Iron-Man movie. They have many interesting stories and trust us. We believe that there could be another movie if the directors think the same.

It is hard to picture Iron Man without Robert but we will see what the have for us in the store.

Robert Downey Jr’s contract came to end with MCU after the endgame. It is understandable that why Robert himself wants to quit the MCU world.

Even some negotiations can be made again. But looking at the story now it might be quite difficult to create the plot. They just cannot bring Tony Stark back after his Glorious death.

Some fans express negative thoughts about the remake and a new installment of the movie. Stating that they like how their favorite Avenger died saving the world bringing him back would be a great mistake.

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A suggested Plot of Iron-Man by the fans

There is a suggested Plot by the fans the story will continue even after the Death of Tony Stark. And we believe that something good and emotional can be made on this.

The fans believe that the Iron-Man legacy will be continued and his friend Rhodey aka War Machine will be the new Iron-Man. Yes with Tony’s wife and daughter still alive there is a big chance.

That we might see War Machine as a new Iron-Man. He would not take Tony’s place but it would be thrilling to see something similar to the Iron Man.

Something good can be made with Pepper’s character. There are so many characters left even after Tony stark that will help in creating another Iron Man movie.

We are hoping that the directors may create a War Machine movie. It will make the MCU fans excited and we will be able to something great.

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Director Ross said that there is no way another actor can play Tony Stark because Robert played the role with so much heart and dedication.

There is no doubt that Robert played the role with dedication and heart. He is a great actor and even tho you won’t see him in Iron Man movies you will see him in other movies as well.

Robert Downey Jr has many other interesting roles under his belt that we will see on the big screen for sure.

We love toney stark but we cannot see Robert doing some other interesting roles such as in Sherlock Holmes we would like to see him back again in the role.

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We are not sure if the directors have anything in mind about the Iron-Man movies yet but by the response of the audience, we are sure that they might come up with something interesting in the future for the fans.

Tony Stark is gone in the movies but he will stay in our hearts for a very long time this is for sure.

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