Elon Musk Twitter Controversy Explained: Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

Elon Musk Twitter Controversy Explained: Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

R.I.P Twitter Trending on Twitter.

It isn’t a secret that Elon Musk (Real Time Tony Stark) bought Twitter, and fired many employees and the CEO of Twitter. Well, that led to the trending news of RIP Twitter followed by controversy on Twitter Shutting Down and Twitter Dying. Here in this article, we are going to explain the Elon Must Twitter Controversy and also go into depth about the question: Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

Twitter has been the go-to place for internet users to express themselves in short bursts of text and share information with their peers. Today, there are several social media platforms that offer similar features as Twitter – but perhaps none is more comparable than Tiktok.

Elon Musk Twitter Controversy Explained: Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

Twitter Shutting Down

As of Thursday, there has been much news roaming around that Twitter shut down offices and had a ton of resignations of employees. That is only surface-level news because when we dive deep in depth, the Twitter employees also left Twitter and moved onto other platforms.

This in return paved the way for news of Twitter Shutting Down further leading up to the Elon Musk Twitter Controversy. Most of the workforce was gone, and it wasn’t a secret that Twitter had to shut down, leading to the news of Twitter Dying.

Most of the staff that left Twitter or was actually fired by Musk involved employees and Engineers working at Twitter to make it stable, stop outages, and fix bugs. Now them being gone, there isn’t anyone to sustain them.

Elon Musk Twitter Controversy Explained: Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

Elon Musk’s Ultimatum

As we dive deep into the Ultimatum given by Elon Must to Twitter Employees we get to know that there is a deadline given by Musk himself to the remaining workforce to join Twitter but work long hours and with high intensity.

Otherwise, the other way around is to leave Twitter, leaving the potential of only hundreds of employees. Furthermore, the Offices were also closed by Must for fear that employees might go rogue. More on this is in the link provided.

RIP Twitter and Twitter Down

Both are the trending news as of Friday because Myspace and Mastodon are trending, leaving behind Twitter’s supremacy. For more Tweets on this matter, you can check out The Guardian news on Twitter Going Down


Is Twitter Really Going to Die?

Now the only question that remains is whether Twitter is going to die or not. For the most part, Twitter will shut down for some days, probably till Monday till Elon Musk does something about everything. Learn more about Mastodon.

Will it affect the apps?

Having a lower workforce than usual, Twitter apple, and various versions started acting slowly, that further indicated Twitter Dying and RIP Twitter to be kind of true at this moment. At night time the apps reportedly broke down as well.

Will Twitter permanently shut down?

In our opinion, Twitter won’t be going down permanently but it isn’t sure whether Twitter will be back till Monday, a week, a month, or even a year. There isn’t anything sure about it except that Elon Musk will get back on Twitter soon, either through new employment or through other means.

Is Elon Musk going to lose money from Twitter?

Yes, Elon Musk is going to lose money obviously because of Twitter Dying and the Elon Musk Controversy going on. Look at Meta, it lost money just from shifting, while Twitter is going off for some time, not sure how long.

When will Twitter Shut Down?

Probably in a Few Hours, Twitter is going to Shut Down for some time because of the unbalanced structure and all the Elon Musk Twitter Controversy going on. Today, on Friday 18th, 2022, it is quite sure that Twitter will be going down, either at night time or in a few hours.

Is TikTok A Good Alternative to Twitter?

Twitter and Tiktok are two very different social media platforms. Tiktok is a video-first social media platform, whereas Twitter is mainly a text-based platform. Because of these fundamental differences, Tiktok doesn’t really have many features that are analogous to what Twitter offers. That doesn’t mean that Tiktok is a bad platform, though. It just means that it’s different. Indeed, there are some ways in which Tiktok is arguably a better fit for some people than Twitter – especially given the recent changes that Twitter has made. We have made a complete guide if you can use Tiktok as an alternative to Twitter.

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