Suicide Squad 3

James Gunn is confident about Suicide Squad 3

According to the writer and director of the suicide squad, Suicide Squad 3 is totally possible. Suicide Squad one was released in 2016 and instantly became a hit at the box office as well. The movie earned 750 million dollars at the box office. However, The Suicide Squad is going to be his directional debut with DC. However, in his recent interview with Empire Magazine he said that;

“definitely a possibility.”

However, it is not revealed about the plot and characters of the movie yet. It is not confirmed if there is going to be the third installment. But, James Gunn seems confident that there will be a Suicide Squad 3. James Gunn is the director of the upcoming suicide squad sequel. However, he got the job after he was kicked from Marvel studios for offensive jokes/tweets in 2018.

How James Gunn got the Suicide Squad?

According to him, he got a call from Alan Horn for Guardians of Galaxy vol.3 the day after he got a call from DC for the Suicide Squad. He said this in the interview;

“It was a happy ending, but it was also scary because I actually got the call from Alan Horn long before it was announced: it happened literally the day after I agreed to do The Suicide Squad,” says Gunn.

Guardians of Galaxy vol 3 is going to be directed by James Gunn. However, if they are planning for the third installment of the movie, it might take place after James Gunn is done with Guardians of Galaxy 3. James Gunn even admitted that Kevin Feige also knew about he is working for DC. He even knew about the villain of the movie before anyone. It seems like things are going well between James Gunn and MCU. He told all his crewmates about the upcoming suicide squad. Even though both MCU and DC are revivals.

Kevin Feige said this when Jmaes Gunn revealed he is working for DC;

Is it Superman?” Gunn stated that it wasn’t Superman, and explained that he had chosen The Suicide Squad. Feige’s reaction? “Please, please make a good movie. Just… make a great movie.” 

He even discussed with Empire Magazine that there is a possibility that he might direct the upcoming Superman movie. Even though it is not confirmed if he would b directing the upcoming Superman movie. It was revealed earlier that DC is working on new Superman movies. So, James Gunn might be the one to direct it. Fans are excited about the new suicide squad.

James Gunn is confident about Suicide Squad 3

Release Date

There is no news about the release date of Suicide Squad 3. However, after the release of Guardians of Galaxy 3, we might get a third installment of the Suicide Squad. However, the third installment of the movie will not release before 2022. Due to the coronavirus, a lot of projects are at fault right now as well. So nobody knows when will we see the third installment of the movie.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.