Jennifer Aniston revealed Ellen's real name

Jennifer Aniston revealed Ellen’s real name on the Ellen show.

Jennifer Aniston is famous for playing the role of Rachel green on our favorite 90s sitcom FRIENDS. However, the show ended years ago and still to this date it is famous for the new generation. But, Jennifer Aniston who does not seem to age and is surprisingly 50 years old made an epic appearance on the show.

She hosted the show and also interviewed Will Ferrel and Selena Gomez who recently released her second studio album Rare.

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However, she also did a lot of fun at the show. She ranked two fans at the Central Perk Coffe set from the show. As the two young fans were posing and sitting on the couch. Jennifer surprised them with her coffee jar.

However, she also revealed many juicy details about Ellen. They both have been friends for years now. It’s incredible to watch both of the strongest women in the industry bond.

She opened up the show with;

“I’m so happy to be here today guest-hosting,” she began. “I love Ellen, as you know, I will do anything for her, because we are real-life friends.”

Jennifer revealed the dark secrets of Ellen. One of them was Ellen’s name. However, it is truly hard to believe that Ellena can have any other name as Ellen sounds pretty promising and normal.

She said this while talking to the audience

I’ve got more. Her real name? It’s not Ellen. It’s Sherry. Sherry Linguine,” she continued. “It’s true, you’ve just got to Google it. And there’s one more. She throws pennies away. She throws pennies right into the garbage in front of people. Good luck pennies!”

Ellen never really mentioned this but she did admit that she had a rough past so it is possible that she also changed her name. Well, Ellen shots her more.

Why does Ellen keep changing her home?

It’s a great curiosity for many fans why Ellen keeps changing her houses. well, Jennifer also joked about this fact.

She said jokingly

And I’m not talking just dirt — I’m telling you some deep, dark secrets,” Aniston promised. “Like, for example, people think that she buys and sells houses because she loves real estate — no, it’s not true. It’s because she’s on the run. From the law. You have no idea!”

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.