JJK Takaba vs Kenjaku - Takaba Reality Breaking Technique and Return of Gojo

JJK Takaba vs Kenjaku – Takaba Reality Breaking Technique and Return of Gojo

We knew Satoru Gojo and Sukuna were the absolute strongest units in Jujutsu Kaisen with their cursed techniques and powers, but we didn’t know something was well beyond the imagination itself. With the release of JJK Chapter 242, we got to witness the ultimate battle between JJK Takaba vs Kenjaku, and spoilers ahead, Kenjaku admitting that he might even lose to Takaba, just because of Takaba’s Cursed Technique. Let’s head down to more details below on how Takaba’s Culling Game will bring back Satoru Gojo and learn his final White Cursed Technique, combining Green, Red, and Blue.

About Fumihiko Takaba in JJK

Takaba is a failing comedian in JJK, who was seen as a mere funny person, but was later turned into a sorcerer by the legend himself – Kenjaku, just to take part in Culling Game.

Takaba sees the world not in terms of strength, power, or even himself being the main character. He just wants to see others laugh, have a fun time, and make a difference from the tensions of like.

So, he takes the persona of the first superhero that made him have a fun time and laugh, taking part in the Culling Game. In this game, you require two people on the stage as comedians. One of the comedians is a funny and jolly person, while the other is a serious one.

About Fumihiko Takaba in JJK

Takaba’s Cursed Technique – Culling Game/Reality Break

In the JJK Chapter 242, we got to witness Takaba’s reality-breaking powers called the Culling Game, where he just wants another person to have fun participating in his Culling Game.

He is a character who is funny and jolly, making jokes to entertain others, but he has one thing missing – his partner in the Culling Game who has a serious persona. So, his main goal in the Culling Game, the Reality Break powers is to make up jokes and call others to be his partner, laughing and enjoying in return.

With a power like that, even Kenjaku – a 1000-year-old master-mind was seen dropping his jaw. This further points out that Kenjaku can lose to a character like Takaba.

The technique Takaba is using makes the imagination come to reality, which is nothing we have seen before in Jujutsu Kaisen as of right now. Even Gojo and Sukuna didn’t have a Cursed Technique that could turn imagination into reality, just to do their bidding.

On top of that, the materialization of imagination isn’t limited to Takaba himself or his thoughts. Kenjaku even states that Takaba is using the imagination from his thoughts, meaning Takaba can turn the imagination and thoughts of others into reality, called “Soul Resonance“. In short: Takaba can also affect the thoughts and imagination of others besides himself.

Takaba's Cursed Technique - Culling Game/Reality Break

Takaba vs Kenjaku – JJK 242

Takaba and Kenjaku’s fight is a joke in JJK as both of them are seen doing various cosplays and performing various themes. Sometimes Kenjaku is a police officer, while other times he is a maid.

We even see Kenjaku Summoning a Special Grade Cursed Spirit, but Takaba imagines a Truck to one-shot that Special Cursed Spirit. This is a feat not many can do in JJK, making Kenjaku more powerful than some of the cursed technique users.

Even Yuki didn’t come this far in her fight with Kenjaku, who is the strongest Cursed Technique User in Sorcerers after Gojo himself.

Takaba vs Kenjaku - JJK 242

Return of Satoru Gojo through Takaba’s Cursed Technique

Gege is foreshadowing the finale of Takaba’s Ultimate Joke in front of a large audience which links back to chapter 77 called “premature death”. Gojo was on stage with Geto in this chapter.

Return of Satoru Gojo through Takaba's Cursed Technique

Taka can change the reality and the imagination of his opponents. Kenjaku, on the other hand, is using Geto’s Memories with Gojo to fulfill Takaba’s Dream.

So, Takaba only needs to say something like “It would be so hilarious if Gojo appears in One Piece despite being Cut Into Half”. Or, he could perform a physical gag where he opens the box and Gojo makes an appearance.

Return of Satoru Gojo through Takaba's Cursed Technique

All of this would mean Gojo’s Return to JJK through Kenjaku’s Cursed Technique. Let me explain things in detail here.

Gojo Green-White Cursed Technique – Final and Third Cursed Technique

In the game show that Takaba imagined and turned into reality, playing with Kenjaku in his JJK Takaba vs Kenjaku, we see the host asking a question about particles and nuclear physics.

In return, Kenjaku replies that the group of subatomic particles that create strong reactions is called a Hadron. The question was “In the field of particles and nuclear physics, what is the term for the elements particle that is held together by the strong interaction”.

Gojo Green-White Cursed Technique - Final and Third Cursed Technique

So, the correct answer to that in JJK 242 from Kenjaku is “A Hadron“. Hadrons are also made of quarks that have three colors in total: Red, Blue, and Green Quarks.

Does this seem familiar? Well, Gojo has a grip over the Red and Blue Cursed Technique, and combining both gives rise to the Purple Cursed Technique. The final he will learn is the Green Technique.

Gojo Green-White Cursed Technique - Final and Third Cursed Technique

Based on the the Buddha’s life story, it gives rise to the Second Rebirth/Awakening, where Gojo will take up the North Route, return enlightened, set aside his ego, and learn a new, as well as final technique “The White Cursed Technique“, after learning the Green Cursed Technique and combining it with his Red and Blue.

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