John David Washington Eyed For Green Lantern Role

Is John David Washington Eyed For Green Lantern Role?

John David Washington, the Tenet star, is being eyed for the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Warner Bros has plan go cast this phenomenal actor for the role. We do agree that his acting skills are impressive. However, this is not confirmed yet. The rumour started from We Got This Covered. By the looks of their reputation, it is not clear yet if this is true or not. It is quite impossible to believe that John Washington will be Green Lantern because nothing is confirmed yet.

The rumour actually started when Christopher Nolan agreed that John would make a perfect Green Lantern. It seems like it is just a rumour. But, John David is a rising star right now. There is definitely a lot of opportunities for him in the industry. But, you should never underestimate the power of the internet.

John David Washington Eyed For Green Lantern Role

How John David Washington Green Lantern rumour actually started?

We bring the authentic news to you so, instead of milking this rumour furthermore, I would like to break the ice. This rumour started from a mere discussion during an interview. Christopher Nolan was being interviewed and someone asked if he would like to direct another DC movie? To which he replied that his “DC days are over”. But he did reply to a question about John playing green lantern. Nolan appreciated the idea and supports the idea of John play green lantern.

It was a mere interview, however, Warner Bros might take some action about it. They might consider John for the role because he has an impressive resume now. A big director movie that is going to help him land bigger roles now.

John is a promising actor and there are going to be may new projects for him. So, we are definitely going to see him high budget projects.

HBO MAX show

HBO max is going to create another hit show. The show is all set to be released on the HBO max platform. A lot of new shows are going to be in HBO max., Greg Berlanti wrote the screenplay for the 2011 Green Lantern. So, it makes sense why he is returning for a Green Lantern series. The question is are we going to see John Washington in the upcoming HBO max series? Well, it might be not possible because he is appearing in a high budget movie.

Warner Bros is definitely working on the new Green Lantern project. The character became famous in 1971. It was first written in 1971. However, it did not get popularity until the Justice League 2001. However, Arrow is also a version of Green Lantern. David Ramsey is also another good candidate to play John Stewart in the Green Lantern movies.

John David Washington Eyed For Green Lantern Role

Release Date

The movie is not confirmed yet. So, there is no news about the release date yet. It seems like a rumor. Nothing is officially confirmed yet. But fans and Nolan thinks that John is a good option to play John Stewart. He already has the name so why not play the role?

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