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[Rumor] Johnny Depp Eyed For Ghost Rider Role

There are rumours going around that Johnny Depp is going to play the role of Johnny Blaze or Bounty Hunter in the upcoming Ghost Rider movie. Ghost Rider is one of the iconic movies. However, critics are not a big fan of the movie but for comic fans, it is going to be exciting. This might not be true. However, we are definitely going to see Johnny Depp back on the big screens. A lot of old and animated movies are getting a reboot or remake these days. So, Marvel is thinking about recreating “Ghost Rider” as well. The news has been going around for weeks now. Nobody knows if this is true or false. Only Johnny Depp can neither confirm it nor deny it yet. Fans are excited by the news. However, it might be a rumour. It is not confirmed yet whether he is going to play the role of Superhero or Villian. But a huge number of fans are saying that he can play the role of Bounty hunter. Johnny Depp is famous for is strange and mythical roles as well. So, this role might be best for him.

After his scandalous divorce things got worse for Johnny Depp. He was kicked from Pirates of the Caribbean. He was called as a wife-beater by the Sun magazine. This statement really ruined Johnny’s career. Due to the allegations, things became complicated for johnny. However, there are many people who are supporting Johnny Depp. Even big names like Winona Ryder. She dated the star back in the 90s. According to her, it is hard for her to believe that johnny could do something like this.

However, even Johnny Depp wins the case it might be tough for him to come back to the big screens for bigger roles

“A lot of the damage has already been done because a lot of dirty laundry has been aired during the trial, against both parties, so his name is being put in a different light or being tarnished,” according to industry expert on Variety.

“There could be brands who might not want to engage him as their face because there is now a negative association.”

Nicholas Cage to reprise his role in the new movie

There are rumours that Nichols Cage is going to play his iconic role in the new movie as well. It makes more sense, they might cast him again for his iconic role. Both of the actors are equally talented. Nicholas Cage might not return for Johnny Blaze’s role. MCU might cast someone younger for the role. However, there are also rumours that Johnny Depp is going to play the role of “Bounty Hunter” in the ghost rider movie.

Who is Bounty Hunter?

Bounty Hunter is a character in Ghost Rider. He was a bad guy from the old west. After his death, his soul was in hell. To free his soul from the hell and resurrect he has to kill 50 people. He mostly rides on a black horse. He works for Satan. However, things became complicated when he comes across the motorcycle stunt master “Johnny Blaze” aka Ghost Rider. Depp is good friends with Robert Downey Jr. There are also rumours going on that he asked for help from his old friend. Robert Downey Jr. was once part of a controversy as well. He was involved with drugs. Johnny Depp is also involved in drugs and marijuana.

However, johnny’s reckless behavior sometimes makes directors and producers mad as well. But, Johnny’s weirdness makes his appearance on the big screens magical.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.