Everything we know about Joker 2 yet.

Joker 2 is happening, another Joaquin Phoenix DC sequel

Joker 2 is going to happen and Warner Bros is also up for it. Joker 2 released and it instantly became a fan favorite and did a great business. At first, Warner Bros was quite hesitant about the movie and they feared that it was going to be released.

But now that Joker managed to gain more than 1 billion dollars in the box office people are questioning is there going to be a sequel of the movie?

Yes, there is going to be a sequel for Joker. Warner Bros is ready to adapt this concept again for a sequel.

There is more to the character of Joker and the story is not finished yet. The most expensive comic movie is going to have a sequel soon and fans are happy.

Joker is a character with a lot of backstory and history and people need to see a lot about his life.

The plot of Joker 2

Still, the plot is kind of Question Mark. It is really early to say anything about the future movie. However, Todd Phillips is really down with the idea of a sequel. Phoenix, on the other hand, was really up for the idea from day one.

However, todd said that the plot will focus more on the character and the back story and the aftermath of the first movie.

Release date

There is nothing on the release date yet actually it is quite early to say anything about the movie and its sequel yet. It is just an idea yet and Warmer Bros is more than welcome to work on this movie.

A lot of movies are about to be released. Marvel and DC have a lot of movies on their list.

What Phoenix, thinks about the idea?

Phoenix is more than happy about the idea of a sequel. He is ready for the sequel. Warner Bros will definitely go for the sequel as Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad and Batman are also up for the release.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.