Joker 2019

Joker 2019 Movie is being dragged for its controversial plot.

The film Joker 2019 is literally being dragged on the internet for its controversial plot. The movie is released by DC The Waner Bros have been dealing with many flops and movies that literally were not that interesting to watch. They had little high hopes with this movie. Joker 2019 surely got a lot of reviews in the past few weeks.

Joker has been a hot topic for a while now. We also talked in brief about the movie and its facts. Check out our previous article on Joker 2019 movie to get the best insight as well.

However, even though after the positive reviews. The movie is gaining a lot of attention and hate on the internet as well.

But not only the backlash is a bit getting out of hand. The actor is also getting a lot of hate since the trailer and even the script was out.

Will dive into the feeling reasons’ Warner Bros Joker is gaining backlash even though the good reviews by the critics.

Continuous comparison with Heath Ledger: Joker 2019

You must remember Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight Rises. It was one of the best acting gigs seen in the T.V and surely got a lot of attention. However, the actor sadly passed away and dude to his sudden death and his amazing acting skills and legacy. He is undoubtedly the best Joker and actor witnessed by the Warner Bros and DC world.

But, sadly some. people started to compare. Joaquin Phoenix who plays in Joker 2019 movie. But it is early shown that people and audiences have not forgotten health Ledger completely and they still consider him the. Best Joker ever made.

Sick minded and Controversial Plot:

Now let’s get to the plot directly. The plot, people were not happy about that. Even though the movie got a standing treatment at the Venice film festival.

However, the script was released quite before the movie even came out. We will not give major spoilers big we do know one thing. People went nuts over it. Many are complaining because of their propagation of joker ss something positive when it is completely clear that the Joker is ill-minded. People pointed out that they think Joker’s character is not ideal for people. The beloved that the concept is ill and can lead the generation towards terrorism as well.

The thing that Joker’s character is sick and they should not justify his behavior. We will talk about this burning point below comment down your thought? Do you think Joker 2019 movie deserves that kind of treatment form the audience?

Justifying his Odd and Negative Behaviour.

The movie was on the tabloids and the hot topic. It was a topic of discussion for a quote while not because it was the first Joker movie after, Heath

The movie gained a lot of hate and criticism because of the old. People and most audiences believe that they tried to Justify the behavior of the Joker. They tried to glamourize his behavior. His destructive behavior

When the movie dark knight was released 8 people were killed at the cinema in October in America. More than 18 people were left wounded. The shooter gave himself as Joker when the police arrested him.

Trying too hard to gain positive reviews:

Some believe that the director and the film writer out a lot in order to gain the piston’s review from. the critics All around the world. It makes sense as they had a bog competition but still. People are finding a lot of things wrong with the movie.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.