Jughead is dead
What did you do betty? After declaring jughead is dead archie asks betty.

Jughead is dead? Riverdale Season 4 Major Plot Twist

Riverdale is CW’s teen drama/mystery TV series that is based on Archie comics. Season 1 was released in January 2017, there are currently 4 seasons and Riverdale Season 4 is currently ongoing. The series was renewed for the fourth season in 2019 because of the massive response it gained after season 3 thrilling finale. There will be 22 episodes of the fourth season. This season revolves around “Jughead is dead?”

The first episode of the fourth season was a tribute to luke perry who died in 2019.

Jughead is dead in Riverdale season 4

Jughead is Dead officially in Riverdale Season 4

At the end of the latest episode, Jughead was found lying on the ground covered in blood and betty was found holding a rock. Archie quickly rushes towards jughead and checks for the pulse but there was nothing there, so he declared that Jughead is dead.

Jughead is dead in Riverdale season 4 episode 13

We have been seeing some flash-forwards of this exact scene, but in the 13th episode of the fourth season, we finally get to see this moment.

Is Jughead faking his own Death?

This is not the first time we have seen Fake Deaths in Riverdale, especially Jughead’s. So we can assume that he is not dead. He is actually faking his own death. We have seen Jughead and Betty were investigating Donna and Brett. In the 13th chapter of this season, we saw that Jughead has been pushed to his limits by stonewall students. He was accused of a crime “Plagiarism” that someone else wrote the story for him.

Also, students blackmailed Jughead into leaving/withdrawing from Stonewall with the help of the tape of Jughead and Betty.

What happened in the Party?

We saw that Jughead went to that party holding a knife and wearing his old serpent jacket. He ditches the party and goes into the woods where Donna and Betty follow him. Donna was actually expecting Betty. She then tells betty that she visited former Farm Evelyn, who told Donna the words which turn Betty into a killer. We don’t get to see that Donna really said those words or not. At the end of the episode, we saw betty holding a rock covered in blood and Jughead lying there.

Maybe Jughead is really dead, betty really killed her? No, it’s not possible, Jughead is one of the most loved characters of Riverdale. They want us to believe that Brett and Donna plotted the murder of Jughead through Betty.

Theories: Jughead is dead?

Our theory is that It is part of Betty’s and Jughead’s plan to find out the truth about Donna. This will also help Jughead in his Baxter Brothers novel/book.

However, It is Riverdale, so Jughead’s death can be expected. Considering the next episode’s title, Chapter 14, “How to get away with Murder”. This episode is going to solve the mystery which we saw at the end of season 3.

Jughead is dead, Riverdale season 4 ep 13

We have to wait two weeks to watch episode 14.

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