Jumanji The Next Level Trailer

Jumanji: The Next Level cast, trailer, and plot

Jumanji was a good family and thrilling movie back in the 90s. The original movie had late Robin Williams in the cast. However, back in 2017, the movie got a sequel. The famous Sequel had Rock Johnson in the movie along with Nick Jonas and Kevin Hart and also Karen Gilan in the cast as well. The movie did a good business worldwide at the box office.

The film boxed 400 million dollars at the domestic home. box office and gained 500 million dollars at the foreign box office. Jumanji 2 had a budget of 100 million dollars only which is pretty amazing. The movie was high budget no doubt casting many big names and the industry in the movie.

Jumanji Trailer

The third installment of the movie is coming to the theatre on December 13, 2019. Rock Himself announced the news of the upcoming movie through his social media accounts. So, we guess he is also excited too.

Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer

The trailer released back in July. You can get a little plotline from the trailer. However, it has millions of views and it shows how much water people are for the upcoming movie.

The Cast

Jumanji 2 also became famous because of the cast. We got Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the last part. However, this year the cast is going to be the same with a little addition of few interesting characters like Spencer’s grandfather played By Danny Vito. Some are excited to see how they would put together the whole movie together with this amazing cast.


The plot is simple yet thrilling. In the last part, friends destroyed the game. But Spencer will find himself in trouble when he will go back into the game again. This time they will be stuck in a scary desert fighting with the villains to save the world of Jumanji. The best part is we are going to see the desert and a little changing as compared to the last part.

Release date of Jumanji: The Next Level

The movie is going to hit cinemas on December 13, 2019. Do not forget to go to watch the epic journey.

Gear up for this level up. Meet the players of #JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL, in theaters December 13.

*smoldering intensifies* @TheRock is back as Dr. Smolder Bravestone. pic.twitter.com/MuxDDYokQP— Jumanji: The Next Level (@jumanjimovie) November 4, 2019

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