Justice League Dark Apokolips War Another Flashpoint

Justice League Dark Apokolips War Another Flashpoint: Darkseid vs Trigon

Justice League Dark Apokolips War is a sequel of Justice League Dark which was released in 2017. The movie was recently released and it was the last movie of DC Animated Universe. Also, it was the most violent movie in the DCAU. However, the plot was pretty mainstream considering it was the finale. It was the sequel of every Justice League Animated movie ever released. Suicide Squad to Teen Titans everyone got their fair share of screen time in the movie. Lately, DCAU is focusing a lot on Constantine, same happened in this movie, he got to be the main role just like in the Justice League Dark.

When it comes to Darkseid, he is always one step ahead of everyone. So, pretty much that sums up the plot. We got to see some intense battles and many emotional scenes on our screen.

The plot of Justice League Dark Apokolips War

The movie was pretty fast-paced. It is a part of a shared universe that flash created in the flashpoint. Darkseid was conquering world by world and was coming for Earth next. Superman realizes that they won’t stand a chance if he comes to Earth, so he planned to bring the fight to his place. So, Justice League comes up with a counter-attack on Apokolips. However, Darkseid was aware of their plans because he was spying on them through Cyborg, as he was using Apokolips-tech. When League arrives to take down Darkseid, he massacres a lot of them and made slaves the rest of them. Batman being one of them, Darkseid makes him second-in-line command because of his intelligent mind. Constantine flees leaving Zatanna to be killed, It turns out he is the key to save everyone.

Darkseid takes over Earth while Constantine and his demon friend Etrigan keep on drinking in a PUB, trying to figure out why he fled leaving her to die. Darkseid depowers Superman. Clark then explains everything to Constantine and asks him for help, then they visit the League’s place to reunite with Damian. Hoping Damian will help them in breaking batman free from Darkseid’s mind compulsion.

Suicide Squad

Lois Lane recruits Suicide Squad so that Clark and others can use the boom tube which is present in Lex Corp. Suicide Squad helps them in reaching Apokolips so that they can protect the Earth from destroying. Lois and the Suicide Squad then face Parademons on Earth on their own. We got to see a fighter Lois-lane in this movie.

Suicide Squad in Justice League Dark Apokolips War

Apokolips War

Finally, they reach Apokolips, where they realize that former Justice League members are now under Darkseid’s control. Constantine however manages to free Wonder Woman from the control. In the meantime, Darkseid’s destroys Oa, the homeland of Green Lanterns. The team meets cyborg in a rather inconvenient condition. Darkseid arrives alongside with Batman. Damian breaks batman compulsion which enrages Darkseid, so he kills him. Raven on seeing this quickly loses control and asks Constantine to kill her so that her father won’t escape. However, he had other plans in his mind, he releases Trigon, father of Raven, and tries to make a deal. Trigon takes over the depowered Superman, which makes him more powerful, and kills Constantine.

Justice League Dark Apokolips War

Most Waited Battle of Justice League Dark Apokolips War: Trigon vs Darkseid

Trigon vs Darkseid was by far the most intense and most awaited fight in the Justice League Dark Apokolips War. Trigon in the body of Superman quickly empowers and Darkseid, and the fight goes on. Lois calls Superman to say a final goodbye, Superman quickly breaks free from Trigon’s control. Darkseid seals Trigon and then Super vs Darkseid begins.

Justice League Dark Apokolips War Another Flashpoint: Darkseid vs Trigon

Superman vs Darkseid

Superman, not his right mind, beats Darkseid a lot. However, Darkseid empowers him anyway. Zatanna revives Constantine telling him that Batman had a plan in case things went south. Raven revives Damian. Constantine then frees Trigon, and Trigon and Darkseid start fighting which allows Cyborg to teleport his friends to Earth while sacrificing himself and destroying the whole planet along with both of them.

Another Flashpoint

Knowing everything happened because Barry caused the flashpoint, Constantine realizes there is no other way and convince barry to change everything back. Barry left with no other choice, creates another Flashpoint to save everyone.

Flash Movie is based on Flashpoint but the plot won’t be the same

Raven and Damian

We also got to see some glimpses of Damian’s and Raven’s love story, which fans were asking for since a long time. The ending was good, considering it was the last movie of this universe.

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