Riverdale Spinoff Show Katy Keene Cancelled

Riverdale Spinoff Show Katy Keene Canceled By The CW

Riverdale has been the center of attention of people since 2017. The show got famous because of its mesmerizing cast and often non-sense dialogues.

However, the show has a very huge fan following. The show is based on Archie Comics of the same name. There are other shows as well that are based on Archie comics. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is one of the examples. The show is quite famous on Netflix as well.

People enjoy this kind of teenage show that is why CW decided to create a spinoff show of Riverdale. They were quite excited to create Katy Keene.

Riverdale Spinoff Show Katy Keene Cancelled

Riverdale ‘s Ashleigh Murray ( pussycats band ) was included in Katy Keene

The show is basically about the Pussycat band (Ashleigh Murray) and Lucy hale’s character Katy Keene. She is a designer and designs clothes for her friends.

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There are other characters in the show as well. These characters made the show colorful and it was an emotional journey for all the cast as well.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was so excited about the show. He even said this in an interview:

“We definitely will be seeing the Pussycats, but probably not in the way you expect,” he said.

Of course, just because Josie might be in the big city, doesn’t mean she can escape her mom.

“We love Robin Givens who plays Sierra McCoy,” said Grassi. “She will come to visit for sure.”

Katy Keene and the pussy cats

Why Katy Keene is canceled?

Katy Keene had a good rating of 6.1. It was a good rating for the show like this. CW announced which shows are going to be on air for the next season. But, sadly Katy Keene was not on that list and it is canceled. However, the real reason the show is canceled is because of the views.

Even though according to a website the show had 480k views but it got canceled anyway. There is no official news on why they had to cancel the show. It seems like it was not getting as much hype as Riverdale.

Other CW shows like The Batwoman are doing fine. Batwoman is going to have another season. Even though Ruby Rose left the show.


There are rumors that the show was going to air on HBO max for season 2.

Reactions of the cast

The whole cast was very emotional. Lucy Hale added an emotional video on her Instagram account.

Other canceled shows

It’s not only CW which cancels the shows. Netflix has a reputation for canceling shows as well. Netflix recently canceled “V Wars” and even Girl Boss. The list goes on and on. The real question is why these shows get canceled?

Most people do not like sequels and spinoffs. However, sometimes people do not appreciate and like to see actors doing new roles and characters. The same happened with lucy Hale and even Nina Dobrev.

People hated Ian’s character on V wars as well. It happens when an actor plays the same role for years.

However, who knows the show might be back? Lucifer was saved by Netflix so fingers crossed.

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