Kung Fu Hustle 2

Kung Fu Hustle 2, Everything you need to know.

Kung Fu Hustle is a well known Kung Fu movie. The movie released back in 2004. Stephen Chow co-directed and starred in the movie. The movie was a great hit in America as well. The unique and humorous plot with a lot of action and thrill earned more than 17 million dollars in America.

Ther are millions of fans of Kung Fu all around the world. To these people, the movie Kung Fu Hustle holds a special space. The movie holds a score of 90% on rotten tomatoes. Fans actually want to see a sequel as the rush hour 4 is also going to hit cinemas soon. It is good news for Kung Fu fans.

Not only in America but the kung fu masterpiece earned 100 million dollars worldwide with a budget of 20 million only.

Plot: Kung Fu Hustle

The original movie had a very interesting plot. A guy wants to join the Axe gang who runs the local slum. The gang members are not ordinary thugs but they are Kung Fu masters. This makes the plot interesting and brought the art of Kung Fu on the big screens.

However, the plot of the sequel is going to be different but it will follow the legacy of the original one as well. It will be set in the current time bringing back nostalgia to the new generation.


Why it took so long to release Kung Fu Hustle 2

There are many people who ask the same question to Stephen Chow. But, the thing is chow never got the time to bring the sequel to the bug screens until now. Chow is currently working on the sequel of another famous movie The mermaid. However, the actor and director were busy shooting CJ7 his comedy movie back in 2004.

Not only CJ7, but he was also involved in the making of the mermaid back in 205. He never got the time to create a sequel for his famous Kung Fu hit. However, we are glad that the sequel is happening now.

The Cast:

However, there is not much regarding cast right now. But according to Chow, he would not act in the sequel. Obviously, he will make a cameo appearance but he will not play a lead role. The names will be revealed soon.

Cast Kung Fu Hustle 2

Release date

The release date is not revealed yet and it is not confirmed either that shooting has started. But, we do believe that the movie will be in cinemas in 2021.

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