Lethal Company Error Code 16480

Lethal Company “Disconnecting Issue” Fix

Lethal Company is considered one the best horror-survival games out there, developed by Zeekerss, and consists of a “you” working for a “company” that requires you to go out to the moon, get the scraps, and take them back to the company.

While the game is online and quite optimized to run on most systems, there is a strange Lethal Company “Disconnecting Issue” that hinders the consistent gameplay.

Lethal Company "Disconnecting Issue" Fix

Close and Update Game

Close the game including the Steam Launcher and restart it, update the game in the process. Disconnections are due to your game version not aligning with the official game version after the patch.

Check Internet

  • Use an ethernet cable to connect internet
  • Disable WiFi for the time being
  • Restart the router and wait 30 seconds before turning it On (clear cache)

These steps can be used to troubleshoot your internet and fix most of the issues. Sometimes the problem is in the background of the internet, resulting in high ping or latency, causing Lethal Company Disconnections.

Update Drivers

Lethal Company is a new game and in case your GPU Drivers are old, it can result in disconnections as well. There are two apps that you can download to get the latest and greatest drivers.

  • AMD Adrenaline – For AMD users
  • Nvidia Experience – For Nvidia users


There are some other things you can do to fix the Lethal Company Disconnecting Issue as well:

  • Verify game files on Steam
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall
  • Check Lethal Company Servers on Twitter (X)

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