Everything You Need to Know About Liberty Air 2

Everything You Need to Know About Liberty Air 2

Soundcore is once again back with the amazing package of $99.99 Liberty Air 2, the company’s 1st true wireless bt earbuds to propose active noise cancellation (ANC). Anker Soundcore carries on utilizing way a bit much packaging for its true wireless bt earbuds. Here we are going to discuss its best features which make to really amazed.

Liberty Air 2 Price and Availability:

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is accessible for $99.99 at leading internet retailers or if you can purchase directly from Soundcore. You are able to buy the bt earbuds in 2 colors: Black and White.

Liberty Air 2


A few find out the other brands’ long-stem design advanced, although other people (myself included) find it ugly. Although the other brand managed to somewhat shrink the length of stems on the earbuds, Anker chose to build them more boastful and more compact on the Liberty Air 2. The last result is a design that casts candid attention; you will excel in a crowd, and not for how stylish you look putting on them.

Comfort and Snug Fit:

The Liberty Air 2 is the right way comfortable. Contingent on your pain verge, you are able to boast the bluetooth earbuds for about an hour prior to fatigue kicks in. Those with classified ears might thump out after the 45-min mark. A few will find out that the big, round cavity applies thin pressure on the concha that steps up the longer you put on the bt earbuds.

Touch Controls and Digital Assistant:

Only some technical companies touch controls correctly on a pair of wireless bt earbuds. I present Anker credit for the effort, and simply the company did not do the most effective job developing its touch motion system.

Fellow App and Extra Features:

In that respect, there is a lot more to the Liberty Air 2’s drawn-out functionality than only an inbuilt EQ. Yeah, the choice to create your personal audio profiles by fine-tuning the relative frequency levels manually or choosing from 22 EQ settings is amazing, and these choices work well. Anker gains brownie points for letting in its more innovative features on its low-tier editions.

Liberty Air 2 Audio Quality:

Soundcore has built worthy improvements to its sound functioning, from looking up award-winning recording manufacturers to comprehending diamond-coated drivers. The conclusions were bought off because these pump out ample audio that is extraordinary for $100 bt earbuds.

Liberty Air 2 Battery Life and Charging Case:

Soundcore rates battery life at 7 hrs on an entire charge. It is about 6.5 hrs and somewhat less while factoring out high volume and gravid wireless streaming. It is an adequate amount of playday to hold you pleased on weekly changes to the office and 2 hrs longer than the other brands bt earbuds.


Generally speaking, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is an excellent competition to its rivals;, the bt earbuds are a virtual and cheap alternative for those who wish for bang-up audio and extended playday without breaking the bank.

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