Lion King is Returning To Big Screens

Lion kings released more than 20 years ago. We all watched it while growing up. It was a source of inspiration for all of us back then and its source of comfort for us to this day. They are releasing in high definition animation. By the looks of the trailer, it looks good. what are we going to see in this movie? let’s dive in.

Good Quality Animation: Lion King

The biggest aim of this movie is to provide its millions of fans with something that will touch their hearts. It will give them more real feels an attachment to the characters. They have created the movie with the best visual effects. No doubt this moving is going to be one epic thing to watch in cinemas.

It was our favorite back then but with this new movie lot of new viewers are also going to be part of something good.

If you do not believe us take a look by yourself.

Watch the Cutest Simba Again in Lion King

Like we said before, the animation is really magnificent you won’t believe if its real life or animation. they were working really hard on this movie way before The Jungle Book. But after the success of it, they thought now would be the time to release this masterpiece.

we always thought Simba was the cutest even before the digital animation.

Source Google Images/Disney

This Simba is cute and still heart warming picture for us.

Source: Google Images / Disney

But with this digital Simba, we feel more connected and we are in complete awe. We are totally n love with this animated cute lion cub here. It is insane it almost feels like it is the real lion cub. They did an amazing job of creating this beautiful animation here.

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The Beautiful African Culture

The Lion King ended racial discrimination. This movie has a very strong message whether it is about the Kingship or racial discrimination. The movie can help our young ones that even tho we are from different race we are still together and we have to protect each other.

This movie is an amazing reflection of the African culture. The hot deserts fast lions and cheetah’s.

The best thing is that we will hear “Circle of Life” again in the cinemas. The song itself is very emotional and heartbreaking for us to hear a song with so much love and culture. The real directors actually went to Africa to learn about the culture where they met the musicians who helped them to create a song filled with their culture.

You will be in tear to hear this again this time Elton John is here too.

Many celebs such as Seth Rogen and Beyonce Knowles-carter. They gave their voices to the biggest movie of the year. We cannot wait for it.

A Message For The New Generation.

With animals extinction every day around us we definitely need more movies like the lion king. This will spread the message that we need to give attention to this matter or we will lose another beautiful creation of God.

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Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.