Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy's Sword (Best Longsword) Location

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy’s Sword (Best Longsword) Location

In the dark and challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, acquiring powerful equipment like Fitzroy’s Sword can make a significant difference in your journey. This guide will provide you with the step-by-step process to find and obtain Fitzroy’s Sword, enhancing your character’s capabilities in the game.

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy's Sword Location (LOTF)

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy’s Sword Location

  • Begin your quest to obtain Fitzroy’s Sword by entering the Fitzroy’s Gorge Tunnels. As you navigate this underground maze, keep your Umbral Lamp ready, as it will be essential for your journey.
  • As you advance, you’ll encounter a sleeping Rhogar Hound guarded by an Umbral Parasite. Deal with the Umbral Parasite first, and then take on the Hound. Be prepared for a battle.
  • Moving forward, you’ll face a Trapper across a gap.
  • Near the top of this slope, you’ll find an Emergence Effigy.
  • At the top of the slope, you’ll encounter three Rhogar Hounds and a Raw Mauler. Initially, the Hounds are sleeping, but when you engage one, the others will likely wake up and challenge you. Prepare for combat.
  • As you explore this area, be cautious about the items you loot. One of them is a decoy, and looting it will trigger a dangerous monster that can inflict significant damage.
  • There are two safe items to loot: one is located in the small shelter opposite the Emergence Effigy (it contains the Ring of Radiant Preeminence), and the other can be found on an impaled corpse at the back-right from the slope you came up.
  • Loot the latter to obtain Fitzroy’s Sword.

Remember avoid the first pickup as this is a trap and you’ll be eaten if you try to pick up.

Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy's Sword Location (LOTF)

Fitzroy’s Armor Set are valuable addition to your equipment in Lords of the Fallen. By following these steps, you can efficiently find and equip these powerful items, enhancing your character’s strength and readiness for the perils of this dark and immersive RPG.

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