Lords of the Fallen Gerlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest

Lords of the Fallen Gerlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest Guide: Travels Resumed Achievement!

Lords of the Fallen, a souls-bourne game, has a hidden twist in the quests, where you can choose one path out of the two and it completely changes the game’s perspective. The Gerlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest is a similar case, where you have to give the Rune Stone Tablet to one of these two merchants.

While it might not sound that complicated, the NPC you choose, either from Gerlinde or Sparky will change the Achievement and the Reward you get. So, it is also about the decision you are going to take, resulting in your getting Travels Resumed Achievement.

Worried? Well, don’t be because I am here to help you through the Gerlinde and Sparky Quest in Lords of the Fallen. Let’s jump straight to it.

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Finding and Freeing Gerlinde

The first step is to find Gerlinde, the merchant/blacksmith who sells you those amazing weapons in the game. She is trapped in the lower mine cell area of the Pilgrim’s Perch. Where is the key to the cell? I will get back to that in a while.

If you are one of those individuals who already have done that, you can simply bypass the steps. On the other hand, if you haven’t then proceed to read this heading.

There is an elevator next to Trapped Gerlinde Cell, in the Vestige of Blind Agatha. Take that elevator and head down, where you find various enemies.

Finding and Freeing Gerlinde from the Locked Prison

Defeat those enemies and you will find yourself the Cell Key for Gerlinde in Lords of the Fallen. It is pretty random, but you must defeat all the enemies in the vicinity to get the key.

Now, go back and use the Prison Cell Key to free Gerlinde, the Blacksmith.

Finding the Key to the Locked Prison Door to Free Gerlinde

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Going to Gerlinde Shop in Skyrest Bridge Beside Sparky

After you free Gerlinde, you can head over to the Skyrest Bridge and find this female making weapons. As she is a blacksmith, after all, you can interact with her to buy weapons.

You might notice that she is beside another merchant, known as Sparky. So, Gerlinde and Sparky are side by side for the most part.

You can use Gerlinde’s Expertise in Blacksmithing to upgrade your weapons in Lords of the Fallen.

Finding Stone Rune Tablets for Gerlinde

Now that you have Gerlinde Blacksmith Unlocked, and also found her alongside Sparky, you are all set to get the Travels Resumed Achievement.

Interact with Gerlinde and get the Gerlinde and Sparky Quest from her. She will assign you a task to find the specific tables (items) and return them to Gerlinde.

What are these tablets? Well, these Tablets were created by Sparky, and have some special runes written on them for the Blacksmithing. What are you getting in return? If you complete the quest, you will get the Rune Smithing unlocked.

There are three tablets you have to find, so let’s get to the locations of them one by one.

First Cracked Rune Tablet Location

You can find the first Gerlinde’s Cracked Rune Tablet in Fitzroy’s Gorge. As a reward, you will be able to add ruins to your weapons.

  • Enter and proceed through the cave
  • There is a wooden base floor
  • Walk over it
  • Find Drustan on the left, under the cave
  • Proceed from the NPC onwards to get the Tablet

Second Chipped Rune Tablet Location

The second Chipped Rune Tablet is found in the Upper Crath House leading to the Sunless Skein. As before, this Gerlinde’s Tablet will expand Rune Slotting Options.

  • Defeat the Sperm Prigyny
  • Unlock the Vestige of Done
  • Simply follow the path into the city
  • Come across a house
  • The second ruin is inside the fireplace
Finding Stone Rune Tablets for Gerlinde

Third Rune Tablet Location

The last rune for the Gerlinde and Sparky Quest (Travels Resumed) can be found in the Tower of Penance.

  • Head to the bottom of the tower
  • Land on Metal Grates
  • On the roundabout, there is a Chest
  • Open the Chest to get the Third Rune Tablet

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Choice: Give Rune Tablets to Gerlinde or Give Tablets to Sparky

Now, once you return to Gerlinde with the Three Rune Tablets in your inventory, you actually have a choice of either handing over the Rune Tablets to Gerlinde or handing the Tablets to Sparky. Here’s what will happen in the Garlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest for each decision;

Giving Rune Tablet to Gerlinde

If you give the Rune Tablets to Gerlinde, she won’t have any use for Sparky. As a result, Sparky will disappear from your world forever, but Gerlinde will reward you with Crafter’s Essence.

The Crafter’s Essence (rune) will lower the weight of the weapons, and stat requirements to 0, and the effects will be the same for shields, except you get one of them. So, picking the right weapon is a hard decision to make.

In short:

  • Sparky will disappear
  • Gerlinde will give you Crafter’s Essence Rune
Choice: Give Rune Tablets to Gerlinde or Give Tablets to Sparky. Gerlinde unlocks Crafter's Essence Rune

Giving Rune Tablet to Sparky

If you give the Rune Tablets to Sparky, he will be able to free himself. Sparky will reward you with the ability of Rune Smithing as Vestiges, and you will get the Travels Resumed Trophy Achievement. As a negative, Gerlinde will become angry and will double the prices.

In Short:

  • Gerlinde will increase prices
  • Sparky will give you Rune Smithing on Vestiges
  • You will get Travels Resumed Trophy Achievement
Lords of the Fallen Gerlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest - Choice of Giving Rune Tablets to Gerlinde or Sparky. Benefits and Drawbacks.

All in all, it depends on you, which decision you want to go within the Lords of the Fallen Gerlinde and Sparky Rune Tablet Quest. It is either Gerlinde, for the Crafter’s Essence Rune, or Sparky for the Rune Smithing and Travels Resumed Trophy.

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