Lords of the Fallen Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming Glitch

Lords of the Fallen Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming Glitch

In the horrifying world of Lords of the Fallen, you are greeted with dangerous enemies that can kill you with a single blow. Nevertheless, you can always revive yourself, but that would cost you a lot of travel distance, as the game has bonfires, or interaction points which you can find hidden around the world and redeem them to have a travel chance. But, you also lose your precious resources upon death, giving you one chance to go back to that same location and get them from the dead body.

While this seems quite similar to the Souls-Bourne concept, the game itself is Souls-like, which the developers accept with open heart. The thing that amazes the players is the game mechanics, and how well that actually did it. Just like in Dark Souls, where you can always use Farm Glitches to get in-game currency “Souls”, the same exploits exist in LotF as well, through which you can get in-game currency Umbral Scourings, used to buy special Weapons and Armor.

Lords of the Fallen Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming Glitch also exist in the game, found by various players while triggering certain events. This allows you to have an unlimited amount of Vigor and Umbral Scourings from a short-term run. Let’s get to the details below.

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How to do Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming?

First and foremost, you need to go into the Umbral Realm, the land of the dead while farming Umbral Scouring. Why, you might ask? Well, in the Umbral Realm, you have a multiplier, indicated by a red eye on the right-top side of the screen.

It allows you to gain Umbral Scouring in multiple amounts of 3, maximum. Now, that you know the beginning, let’s talk about the location to farm infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring.

You need to head to the Pilgrim’s Preach, or more precisely, the wooden platforms that are around the area.

  • In the location, you will come across strong melee enemies that have a spike-cage on their heads. You can stand on the edge of the wooden platform and these enemies are going to rush towards you. Dodge at the near end, and they will drop down, killed by gravity.
  • Then, in the location, you will find enemies that seem old and have a stick in their hand. They might not feel like a danger, but they are the strongest enemies. You can throw an axe to kill them or simply get rid of them first.
  • From the right of the pathway, you need to go down, taking down the archer enemies and melee enemies as well. Use the Umbral Lamb grips to call platforms towards you.
Lords of the Fallen Infinite Umbral Scouring Run

This is the same lift that you need to call and stand on. So, you are in the Umbral Realm, right? In the Umbral Realm, the Grim Reaper will appear, but he needs a ground to appear from. You will have to stand on a lift that has no ground underneath, an open abyss. On the lift, you need to stand on the edge, where you have nothing underneath.

Lords of the Fallen Infinite Umbral Scouring Run from Umbral Realm Grim Reaper

Half of your leg should be in the air and the other half on the platform, so that you don’t drop. You just have to wait for the Grim Reaper to appear in the Umbral Realm and he will die to gravity itself, giving you a ton of Vogour and Umbral Scouring.

You can repeat that again and again on each run to get Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming, exploiting the Glitch in Lords of the Fallen. You can watch the following video for a demonstration.

How to do Infinite Vigor and Umbral Scouring Farming?

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