Lords of the Fallen Moving On Quest Guide: Helping Byron and Winterberry!

Lords of the Fallen Moving On Quest Guide: Helping Byron and Winterberry!

Lords of the Fallen, a Souls-Bourne, is a fairly complex game, having a blend of various decision-making, side-quests that can be missed, and endings tied to these quests. The complexity goes so far that even missing a step in the game results in your missing the whole side quest, in return you also miss the items, or rewards tied to those quests. On top of all this, the game doesn’t have a save-load system, where you can simply reload the previous save game to try your luck again.

Lords of the Fallen Moving On is a similar case, and a side quest, where you actually help out Byron and Winterberry. While it isn’t the very first quest you can get in the game, it is indeed the first that you can finish, if you going through the right path.

More or less, the quest can be quite tricky to complete in Lords of the Fallen (LotF), as there are multiple paths and each one leads you to a different result. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to complete this side-quest in the game and help Byron and Winterberry in Lords of the Fallen.

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Find and Meet Byron in Pilgrim’s Perch

Proceeding through the game, and fast-forwarding to the first meetup with Byron. You have the choice of talking to him and in return, you will get the Moving On Quest. You can meet Byron in the Pilgrim’s Perch, near the Vestige of Blind Agatha.

Tip: In Lords of the Fallen, you need to talk with an NPC again, and again to exhaust all the options to get hidden side-quests and extras.

Meeting Byron for the first time in the Pilgrim's Perch, near Vestige of Bling Agatha

Find and Meet Byron in Forsaken Fan

Proceed through the quest line till you reach the Forsaken Fen. Here, you will be able to activate the Vestige of Valade. Again, you will find Byron on the opposite side of the interaction point. Talk to the lad, and see what’s he up to.

Find and Meet Byron in Sunless Skein

Again, proceeding through the quest line, you will reach the Sunless Skein, and next to the Vestige of Catrin, you will find Byron, but he isn’t in his regular chill mood, rather he is quite angry.

Talk to him and he will explain that the Vestige is the mark of the area where Catrin actually fell, and was the lover of Byron. He will start talking about the story of Catrin and himself.

He is going to give you the task of going around the town and finding traces of a missing pendant that belongs to Catrin.

Reaching Cistern and Defeating Skinstealer

After meeting Byron listening to the lad, and getting the quest for finding the pendent for him, you can take the stairs left and right, but to open the shortcuts, you need to head down and choose the left path.

On the contrary, to find the Skinstealer, you will have to take the right path and go up to the top. After defeating him, you will get the Drainage Control Key, which you can use to control the water level in the area.

Keep in mind that you should not enter the Lift that is Behind the Skinstealer, found in the Cistern.

Remember when we mentioned that even a small step can pave a different path for you? Well, when you take the lift/elevator, it won’t trigger the event that takes Byron to the next location, and the whole Moving On Quest in Lords of the Fallen will be lost.

So, you need to find the Pendant of Catrin next and head to Byron, telling him about the item he wanted you to find.

Meeting Winterberry, and Finding Catrin Pendent for Byron

You can find another NPC in the same area, going around by the name of Winterberry. You can find her in the Revelation Depths, but how to get there? Revelation Depths is a hidden area in the game, which you can only unlock after using the Drainage Control Key and killing Skinstealer.

After you have the Drainage Control Key, head down into the area, moving towards the left side, and you will come across a locked door with a level. Use the Drainage Control Key there to unlock the lever that lets you Drain the water level.

After you have drained the water, you can head down into the area and meet with an NPC named Winterberry. She will give you the Catrin’s Pendent location, that you can give to Byron. You don’t have to run back to Byron, because there is an interaction point you can use to fast travel to Byron.

Meeting Winterberry, and Finding Catrin's Pendent for Byron

Remember: Don’t use the elevator that gets in your way while reaching Winterberry in the depths, otherwise, you will fail the quest.

Use Skinstealer Elevator/Lift and Complete Moving On Quest

Now that you have all the necessary things, and have helped Byron and Winterberry in Moving On Quest of Lords of the Fallen, you can just head over to the same elevator we mentioned you should not take.

So, head over to the location where you found Skinstealer and killed him, and use the Elevator there in the Cistern.

Use Skinstealer Elevator/Lift after finding Winterberry in the depths, getting the Catrin's Pendant, and you will Complete Moving On Quest

This will trigger an event, which enables both Byron and Winterberry to move to the Skyrest Bridge. You can find Byron and Winterberry, they are going to be inside the secret area, where you freed the tortured prisoner before.

How to Get Umbral Eye of Ethryg?

You can head over to the secret tortured prisoner area in the Skyrest Bridge and talk to Byron after telling him about Winterberry and the Pendant.

As a reward for completing the Moving On Quest, you can go and talk to Byron and Winterberry to get the Umbral Eye of Ethryg. When you are in the Umbral Realm, you will have a 30 percent more chance of receiving rewards.

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How to Get Byron’s Armor and Shovel?

After you have completed Moving On Quest, you can come back and talk to Winterberry and find her inventory to be much better than before.

Also, you will get three more items here, Byron’s Armor and Byron’s Shovel, that you can buy. On top of that, there is a special Wildfire Ring in the inventory for you to try.

Get Byron's Armor and Shovel from Winterberry after completing Moving On Quest

How to get Winterberry’s Bloody Backpack?

If you take the elevator before, meeting Byron after defeating Skinstealer, and before meeting Winterberry, then Byron is going to travel to the upper area, near the Vestage of the Forgotten.

Winterberry is going to disappear from the game for a while, and instead, you will find a Bloody Backpack. Why? Well, Byron will find Winterberry to be a monster and kill her in return.

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How to Get Byron’s Shovel and Catrin’s Pendant?

There are two choices here, either tell the truth to Byron or not. In both of these cases, Byron is going to disappear from the game. In return, you will get the Byron’s Shovel and Catrins Pendant. But, the Lords of the Fallen Moving On Quest to help Byron and Winterberry will be lost.

Get Byron's Shovel and Catrin's Pendant after failing the quest and using the Skinstealer's Lift before finding Winterberry and Catrin's Pendant.

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